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Making plans & many other situations (New Headway) PRACTICE 3 lesson L
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Situations on this lesson: talking about a neighbour, giving opinions, at the travel agent's, at the airport, asking for assistance, phone calls,  formal phone calls, making plans (you'll see them on the realted videos below).

This video here shows how to organize a weekend. with subtitles.

YOU CAN FIND more situations in the videos below.

YOU CAN ALSO FIND more situations under the ETC tab.

On Sunday mornings we usually just sit around and read the papers. It's so relaxing after a busy week.

This is good, 'A weekend in Barcelona, including flights and hotel, one hundred and twenty pounds.'
That's cheap.
I went to Barcelona about three years ago.
Did you have a good time?
It was brilliant. The food was wonderful and the nightlife ...
How Iong did you stay?
For a week. We stayed in a four-star hotel.
We? Who did you go with?
A friend.
Have you ever been to Barcelona?
No, I haven't.

Here's another one, 'Paris, one hundred and ninety pounds.'
Paris is fantastic. I went there when I was a student.
I went when I was at school.
It's so romantic.
So you've been to Paris, too, then?
Of course I have.
Where else have you been?
Rome ... Prague ...
I Iove Prague.
New York ...
New York's great.

What about you? Where have you been, Matt?
I've been to Scotland.
That's astonishing. Do you mean to say you've never been abroad?
Only Scotland.
You poor thing.
Why don't you go to Barcelona?
It's really cheap.
And you haven't had a holiday this year.
Oh, I went home to Birmingham.
Birmingham's not exactly exotic.
Why don't you go?
No reason.
How about next weekend?
I could do, I suppose. Come on. Let's book your ticket!
AII right. How?
On the Internet, of course.

There ... FIight JM 51 4 to Barcelona, Friday the twenty-third of May at nine o'clock in the evening. Check in at seven thirty.
What do I do between half past seven and nine o'clock?
You get your boarding pass and you wait in the departure Iounge.

Hang on. Haven't you ever flown before?
No. I've never been on an aeroplane.
Actually, I'm a bit ...
Oh, Matt. Don't be silly. FIying's really exciting.

What about this one?
That was a holiday in LA. I had a girlfriend there.
How Iong, um ...
We were together for about six months.
No, I mean how Iong did the flight take?
About ten hours.
Ten hours! What did you do for ten hours?
Watched films, ate, slept. Anyway, your flight's only two hours.

Have you packed yet?
No, I haven't.
It might be a good idea.
Oh, right.

Have you packed everything?
Yes, I have.
Suntan cream?
Your toothbrush?
I've packed everything.

Have you phoned for a taxi yet?
I did it fifteen minutes ago.
That's it.
Well, go on!

Where are you off to?
Ooh, have fun.

Have a great time, Matt.
Hasta Ia vista!
Safe journey!

Hello? ... No, I haven't! ...That's impossible. I've just taken it out of my pocket... I've got it here... Oh no. I've taken yours.

Have a Iovely time.

Matt had a wonderful time in Barcelona. And the flight? He Ioved it. In fact, he's thinking about taking flying Iessons!


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