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Giving Personal Information (Emily Klingenberg) UNIT 7 - part of lesson A
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In this video we'll see people asking and giving basic personal information.

Hi, how are you?*
Very good and  yourself?*
I’m great, thanks*

Hi, how are you?*
Hi, I’m fine, thank you*
What’s your name?*
I’m Anna Sarah*
How’s that spelled?*

hello, how are you?*
I’m good , thanks.
What’s your name?*
How’s that spelled?*

What’s your name?*
How’s that spelled?*

What’s your name?*
My name is Joe*
How’s that spelled?*

What’s your name?*
My name’s Beth*
How’s that spelled?*

What's your name?*
My name’s Sarah*
How’s that spelled?*

- How old are you?
- Where are you from?
- Are you a student?
- What's your job (or occupation)?



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