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Introduce me! (Top Notch TV) UNIT 7 - part of lesson A
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On this video you will revise:

- How to ntroduce someone
- Exchange personal information
- Shift to informality
- The verb to Be

- Well, it happens in some countries, but usually not over here. So, you’re from Italy?
- Yes, I am.
- And you’re traveling to Tokyo?
- Yes.
- Well, welcome to Top Notch Travel Agency. Let me introduce you to my staff. Then we’ll talk about Tokyo. Marie, I’d like you to meet….
- Giorgio Moretti!
- Oh, you know him.
- It’s very nice to meet you. What’s your name?
- My name? Um….uh…Marie! Yes! I’m Marie LePage.
- Very nice to meet you, Marie.
- Marie is our receptionist. She’s from Paris. Mr. Moretti is a new client. He’s from Italy.
- Giorgio Moretti! Giorgio Moretti! That’s Giorgio Moretti!
- Yes, I know. He’s a new client. He’s form Italy.
- Introduce me! Introduce me!
- Oh, yes. This is….
- Cheryl!
- Cheryl! Yes. Cheryl. She’s our….
- Office manager. Hello, Mr. Giorgio…I mean, Mr. Moretti!
- Please. Call me Giorgio.
- Call him Giorgio! It’s so meet to nice…I mean, nice to meet you.
- It’s nice to meet you, too.
- Bob! Bob! Come meet Giorgio Moretti!
- Hey, Giorgio Moretti! Hey, man, how are you? I’m Bob, but everyone calls me Roberto.
- Bob is a travel agent. (to Bob) Who calls you “Roberto”?
- Giorgio Moretti!
- Paul is a tour guide.
- Good-bye. So long. Take it easy. It’s nice to meet you, but I must be gone. Good-bye. So long, Signorina. It’s nice to know you, but I’m traveling on.
- So, Mr. Moretti, what is your occupation?
- (All) He’s a singer!
- Everyone knows that.


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