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Have Got (Memovoc English) UNIT 3 - part of lesson H
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In British English we normally use HAVE GOT to talk about possession or relationship.


I have got a bicycle
He has got a car

but when speaking we always use contractions:

I've got a bicycle
He's got a car
I haven't got a car
He hasn't got a bicycle
Have you got a car?
Has she got a bicycle?


1- HAVE is more formal than HAVE GOT
2- HAVE is more common in writing
3- HAVE GOT is more common in British English and HAVE in American English

Also, notice that HAVE and HAVE GOT form the negative and interrogative sentences differently:

I have a car / I don't have a car / Do you have a car?

I've got a car / I haven't got a car / Have you got a car?


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