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How many clothespins can I fit on my face? UNIT 7 - part of lesson C
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This video is difficult to understand, but don't worry, read the transcript and you will understand a little.

Hi, I'm Eric Friedenthal. Today's question is: HOW MANY? and we'll be answering that in today's episode. Come on!

This is a little experiment we'd like to call: "how many clothespins can I fit on my face?"

Aaaargh! This has been: "how many clothespins can you fit on your face?".

1, 2, 3, 4... 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Sixteen clothespins. And that's: how many clothespins can I put on my face?. Have a nice day.

Hi, I'm Eric Friedenthal. You maybe remember me from such films as "How Many Clothespins Can I Fit On My Face?". Well, I'm here to share some secret information about that film that you might not know. There were actually 17 clothespins, not 16. Let's take a look. The seventeenth clothespin. I'm Eric Friedenthal, I'll see you next time.

I'm Eric Friedenthal and we're here to answer the question: How many Eric-Friedenthals does it take to unscrew a light bulb?

I'm still waiting for more Eric-Friedenthals but they're not here, so the answer is: one. One Eric Friedenthal can unscrew one light bulb.

Hi, I'm Eric Friedenthal. You may remember me from such comedy films as: "How Many Clothespins Fit On My Face?" and "How Many Eric-Friedenthals Will Take to Unscrew a Light Bulb?". We're here with another numbers question: "how many very very heavy, very compact, very very strong concrete blocks can I pick up on one arm?. Let's take a look. One. And for those of you who don't remember, that's how many Eric-Friedenthals it took to unscrew a light bulb. This is gonna hurt. Aaaargh! Ok, we're done.

This here, this here's a cut, you definitely ++++ out.

Today's question is: "how many dent-de-lions will Claus have to pluck out of his garden next year?". Let's begin.

A lot. The answer is: a lot.

Bet you I can climb this tree. Does that count?


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