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Phonetics with M-E
How much sugar is in a can of soda? UNIT 7 - part of lesson C
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Soda = Coca-cola, Fanta, etc. Look at this experiment and find out how much sugar you drink every time you drink a Coke or similar.

You only need to understand a few things from the beginning (it's in the script), but you can watch all the video out of curiosity.

How many times have you done this? You grab a bottle of soda, you pop the top and you drink it! That's what you normally do with a bottle of soda. But when you do that, you take in sugar. And that leads us to today's big science question which is: how much sugar is there in a can of soda.

So how are we gonna figure this out? I'll tell you one easy way. We take a can of soda. We pour it in a pot. We boil it until all the water is gone, and what we're going to be left with is the sugar. And then we can weigh it.




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