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I love Tony Blair UNIT 10 - part of lesson A
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Some people are really passional about politics. Ask this little girl, she can't vote but she has a strong feeling about who must be Britain's best Prime Minister. When she discovers that Tony Blair is not Britain's Prime Minister anymore, she breaks down in tears.

Notice the use of BECAUSE and 'CAUSE to express reason, and GONNA to express future.

- What's the matter ++++. Why are you crying?
- Because I just want Tony Blair to come back and I want him to be Prime Minister.
- Why?
- Because I just do.
- Why do you want him to be Prime Minister still?
- 'Cause I love him.
- But there's gonna be a new Prime Minister. There's gonna be a new Prime Minister, darling, called Gordon Brown.
- No
- You don't want him?
- No, I want Tony Blair.


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