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Irregular verbs (American accent) UNIT 8 - part of lesson E
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Learn some common irregular verbs (read the explanations).

A verb in English only has three different forms, so if the verb is irregular, you only have to learn 3 different forms:


GIVE --> infinitive, present, imperative.
- I want to give you something.
- She gives money to the poor every Sunday.
- Please, give me some water.

GAVE --> past.
- Tim came yesterday and he gave me this book for you.

GIVEN --> past participle. (you will see this in another lesson in the future)
- Mum has given me money to buy some bread.

You need to know all the common irregular verbs because they are very frequent in English. But it is not possible to learn all these irregular verbs in one day. You must listen to them a few times every day, and you will slowly learn them. If you learn them very quickly, you will forget them very quickly too!

It is also very important to pronounce these forms correctly, so watch the video, make a list and study it often until you know them from memory.



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