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Pronunciation of CAN - CAN'T (ActionTeacher) UNIT 6 - part of lesson B
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On this video they explain the pronunciation of CAN-CAN'T, see if you can understand something and read the EXPLANATIONS box.

CAN /kn/         CAN'T /kan/


The pronunciation of this verb is peculiar, but it is very important to make the difference or they won't understand you.
---- affirmative
CAN --> /kn/
---- negative
CAN'T --> BrE /kaan/ or /kaant/    AmE /kan/ or /kant/
---- interrogative
CAN? --> /kn/ (or /kan/)

CAN /kn/         CAN'T /kan/
exception: at the end of a sentence --> CAN /kan/   CAN'T /kant/
e.g:  -Can you dance? - Yes, I can

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