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2 - Hector goes shopping (Extr@) (& Spanish)
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A cool TV series, a funny sitcom, and an English course, all wrapped in one single package to make Extr@, the perfect way of learning natural English having fun.


Annie and Bridget share a flat. Their next-door neighbour Nick is a disorganized, humorous macho fellow. Bridget's Argentinean penpal, Hector, comes to London to visit her. His limited command of English serves as the central dynamic for the language learning content of the series. His trying to get to grips with the daily English is highly amusing (and enlightening).

You do not need a tutor. The programme EXTR@ will get you a unique opportunity in the shortest time possible to extend your vocabulary and learn perfect pronunciation. Inspecting an entertaining video, words and phrases common in everyday situations, will be assimilated and remembered by you without much effort.

This is the story of two girls who share a flat in London.
They have a neighbour, Nick, who likes Bridget.
But Annie likes Nick.
That is until Hector arrives from Argentina, and Hector is very, very handsome.
Stand by for Extra.

- What's he like? Oh, Argentinean, tall, handsome.
- Wow, fantastic, a new boyfriend for you... maybe.
- Maybe, but don't tell Bridget.
- Hector, please, call me Gigi.
- 'Oh, Hector, call me Gigi.'
- Must go, more news later. A.
Is Hector still asleep?
Hector, wakey- wakey. Come on. Rise and shine.
Oh, Good morning.
Oh, good morning.
No, no, no. Good morning.
Oh, good morening
No, Hector. I have a cold.
And so have I.
Oh, you have a cold, Bridget.
Yes, I have a cold.
Yes. We have a cold.
So let's begin again. Good morning.
Good morning.
Oh, never mind. Hector, would you like some… new pyjamas?
Hector, please excuse me for a moment. Pssst. Annie. Bathroom. Now.
Good morning.
Good morning. Is it fancy dress?
Fancy dress? Yes.
Oh. Nice. Hey. Nice car, eh?
I have this car at home.
Wow. You have this car at home? Girls must love you.
Girls? No.
No? Hector, can I tell you something?
The car looks good.
So you must look good too.
I look good.
No. You don't look good. But I can help.
OK. Yes.
Hector's clothes are awful.
They're so old-fashioned.
I know. I'll take him shopping.
But, Bridget, you are so busy. I'll take him shopping.
No, it's all right, I'll take him shopping.
It's no problem, I'll take him.
I said I'll take him shopping!
You need… You need a… Well, hi, babe.
Oh, it's you, Nick.
Oh, hi, Nick.
Hector has asked me what clothes to wear.
Yeah, right.
You need a look like on a fast bike.
No, no, no, Hector, don't listen to Nick. Listen to me.
You need a designer look.
No, no, no, Hector, that's not for you. You need, you need…a cowboy look.
No, no. A leather jacket.
A bandanna and a vest.
A denim shirt.
A motorbike.
Stop! OK. I will go shopping.
On your own?
But…you need us.
How? What will you say?
It's OK. Leave it to me.
I am the shopkeeper, you are the customer.
This is a shop. I sell, you buy.
Oh, OK.
Ding- dong. Good morning.
Good morning. Can I help you?
Yes. I…
I would like…
Oh. I would like a jacket, please.
I would like a pair of trousers, please.
Oh, I would like a pair of trousers, please. And… a shirt.
No. Shoes. I would like a pair of shoes, please.
I would like a pair of shoes, please. And a cat for my head.
I think you mean a hat. Look, this is a cat.
A cat? A cat for my head. A cat for my head!
Hector. Come shopping with me.
Or me.
No, me.
He's my pen friend.
All right. Me, you and you will go shopping for Hector a little bit each. I will go to the shoe shop.
And I will go to the clothes shop.
No, I'll go to the clothes shop.
OK. I'll just buy the shirt.
I'll buy the trousers.
Right. Let's go.
Oh, no. I completely forgot. We need eggs, lemons and dog food.
Oh, it's all right. I'll do it online later.
'Eggs, lemons, dog food.'
Oh, well done, Hector.
Bye, Hector. Oh, and don't answer the phone. It might be the tarantula.
Bye, Hector. Be good. And if you can't be good, be careful.
Never mind.
Nadia, I have a cold. Bridget has a cold and Hector has... new pyjamas... terrible pyjamas. Oh, you should see them Nadia, they are so funny.

Hi sweetie, I wanted to buy Hector some new clothes on my own
I'll take him shopping.
But Annie and Nick said they wanted to shop for Hector as well. So guess what, we're all going shopping for Hector.
Me, you and you will go shopping for Hector, a little bit each.
What will he look like?

And Annie thinks Hector needs a cowboy look. And I think he needs a biker look like me, yeah?

Good morning, sir. I would like… a cat for my head! A cat…
Oh. Room service. Hello. I would like an egg for my head. Lemons for my head! Dog food for my head!
Who's that?
The tarantula!
I said, 'Who's that?'
Where's Bridget?
Er… Where is Bridget? Me. I am Bridget.
I don't believe you.
Yes, I have a cold. Atchoo! Atchoo!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, thank you. Atchoo! Charlie!
Is that a dog?
No, no, it's not a dog, it's a… Annie. Yes. Annie has a cold also.
Oh, poor Annie.
Thank you. Atchoo. Now goodbye. Atchoo! Atchoo!
Ole. I am Hector. I speak English.
'Eggs, lemons, dog food. 'Eggs, lemons, dog food.'
Oh, hi. Good afternoon, Annie.
Good afternoon, Hector.
I bought this for you.
What is it?
Try it on.
Try… it… on.
Try… it… on. Oh. Try it on.
Where's Hector?
In the bathroom.
Good. I'll give this to him.
It's OK, I'll give it to him.
No, it's all right.
Hector. Hector. I've got something for you.
Oh. OK. Come in.
Hector? Hector? Hello?
Here are your clothes. You will look so cool.
Nice melons.
Melons? Who are those from?
I think Hector has been shopping online.
I'm really thirsty. I need a drink.
But we don't need any melons.
Well, he did try.
And he bought some eggs. Yeah. Just a few.

--- (emails)

So how did Hector do the shopping?
Aha! Hector ordered ten melons instead of ten lemons.
Oh, an easy mistake. He did try.
Yes, he did try.
What about the eggs?
OK. Eggs.
You buy a dozen eggs, yeah?
Yep. A dozen is ten.
A dozen is 12, stupid.
I know.
Well, Hector has put the number 12 here.
Well, that's OK. That's one box.
No. He ordered 12 boxes. 144.
Now…dog food.
I can't wait.
OK. I'm ready.
We're ready.
Do you like it?
Er… I like the shirt.
I like the sarong.
I like the shoes.
So… am I cool?
Erm… No.
I'm not cool.
So…I will go shopping.
Here we go again. Hector.
You can't go out there on your own.
You went shopping on the Internet.
Your ordered melons instead of lemons and too many eggs.
Have you ever been to a supermarket?
- Who are these?
- My…
- Servants?
- Yeah. My servants.
Servants. Now I understand.
Come on, Hector. I will teach you how to shop, Hector.
Till you drop.
Bridget and I will be the shopkeepers.
And you are our customer.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Can I help you, sir?
What would you like to buy?
Oh. I would like some…
Yes. I would like some clothes, please.
What size?
What erm, erm… size? I don't know.
I'll have to measure you, then.
Arms up, please.
Arms up, please.
Oh,Arms up, please.
112 centimetres.
Chest, 112 centimetres.
And waist.
82 centimetres.
82 centimetres.
And leg.
I'll do that!
No, it's OK.
I shall do that.
Eight… y- seven centimetres.
Now, do you like these trousers?
Do you like this shirt?
Good. That's erm… £5,000, please.
No, no, no, Hector. £5,000 is… is… 8,000 dollars.
It's too much. It's too expensive.
Not for Hector.
So, I am ready to go shopping.

Good luck.
Yeah. Good luck.
You'll need it.
Where's my lemon drink, Nick?
Nick, are there any more tissues?
All right. I'm coming as fast as I can.
Oh. I feel awful.
Me too. Nothing will make me feel better.
Can you get that, please, Nick?
Ah, it's only Hector.
Is it…cool?
Wow, man. Well done, you look great.
I would like a shirt, please.
Excellent. Oh, the clothes are super.
And a pair of trousers.
Oh. You are clever, Hector.
And a pair of shoes, please.
I have been shopping!
Oh, I'll get it.
It's me.
Oh, hello.
It's the tarantula.
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Oh, good, good.
How's your cold?
How's my cold?
Well, how do you know I have a cold?
You told me this morning.
I am Bridget.
I don't believe you.
Yes. I have a cold.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yes. Silly me.
I told you this morning.
Why are 400 tins of dog food here for Annie?
I don't know.
How strange.
400 tins!
Yes, that's a lot of tins. I really don't know.
Can you ask Annie?
Yes, I'll ask Annie.
The tarantula said
why are 400 tins of dog food downstairs?
400 tins?
Next time in Extra…
Annie goes dating on the Internet,
and so do Nick and Hector.
But do they like their dates?

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