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2- Pre-Intermediate DVD (Lifetime)
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An appealing sitcom comedy, combined with a clear language focus to practice daily conversations. Lifetime is a three-level video comedy-drama for elementary, pre-intermediate, and intermediate students. Each level consists of seven episodes with a language focus, and an emphasis on communication. Click here to access other Lifetime videos.

CONTENTS - LEVEL 2- (7 minutes each episode)



Language in use:
here is / there is
Useful expressions
Culture note: charities
Present simple
Present continuous (now / future arrangements)
Stative verbs

Language in use:
Useful expressions
Informal language - boys, girls and guys
this / some
was / were
Past simple
Future with will
First conditional

Language in use:
something to ... / nothing to ...
Talking of ...
Past continuous
Past continuous v. past simple
when / while
Comparative and superlative adjectives
as ... as

Language in use:
Useful expressions
A telephone conversation
I don't think ...
Culture note: French fries and chips
Present perfect
Present perfect v. past simple
some / any
a few / a bit of
used to

Language in use:
Going out
Would you mind ... ?
First and second conditionals
Future with going to

Language in use:
What on earth ... ?
Phrasal verbs
The Passive
must / have to
can / be able to

Language in use:
Useful expressions
a bit (of)
Past perfect
want (someone) to do (something)
Tense revision

Morning, Julia.
Hi, Rebecca.
Are you going away
I’m going to my parents’ for the weekend.
My sister’s picking me up at quarter past nine.
When are you getting back
We’re having a big family dinner on Sunday evening.
It’s my father’s birthday.
So I’m going straight into work on Monday.
You sound happy.
Do I Perhaps I’m falling in love.
What Are you serious
Yes, I think so.
Who is it What’s he like
Well, he’s very good-looking and he’s got lovely eyes.
What does he do Come on, Julia. Who is it
He works for a TV company.
Really Do I know him
In fact, he’s probably on TV right now.
You’re watching the local weekend news on Apex TV.
I’m Gary Fenton. It’s nine fifteen.
Oh, there’s Cindy. Bye, Julia. See you on Monday.
Well, what do you think
On Saturday mornings Charlie and Molly Craddock usually go shopping...
...but they aren’t going shopping today.
They’re doing something completely different.
They’re walking round the local park.
And they’re doing it backwards.
Molly. Why are you walking round the park backwards
We’re collecting money for local charities.
Is it difficult, Charlie
Not for us, because we practise.
We walk round our garden for two hours every day.
- Backwards - Of course!
- It’s very easy, you know. - And it’s great fun. Oh!
Are you waiting for someone, Tim
What Oh, yes. Ah, here she is.
- Hi. - Hi, Julia.
Hi, Sean. How are you
Not too bad, I suppose.
The police are coming to see us this afternoon.
Jason and Kylie put soap powder in the neighbours’ fish pond yesterday.
Well, good luck. We’re going into town.
Have a nice weekend.
She’s going out with someone and he works here.
- Ooh, who is it - Gary.
- No! - Yes.
What’s she giggling about
It’s Julia.
You’ll never guess, but she’s going out with Gary.
Nonsense! Julia’s got more sense than that.
It’s true. She told me on Saturday.
Well, never mind that.
What time am I meeting Frederick today
Oh, he phoned to say that he can’t make it.
Could you call him on his mobile He’s at the House of Commons.
Look out! She’s coming.
- Hello, Julia. - Oh, um, hi.
Oh, Gary. Gary...
Julia, are you doing anything this evening
Yes, I am. I’m going out.
Are you going out tomorrow, too
No, I’m not. I’m staying in and watching a video with Rebecca.
What about Wednesday
Look. What is this, Gary What do you want
Oh, come on, Julia. Don’t be shy. I know your little secret.
Secret What secret
You know.
What do I know
Oh, come on, you know.
Don’t you
How was your weekend at your parents
Don’t ask.
They argued all the time and I got the usual lecture.
"Why don’t you get a proper job like Cindy She’s doing so well."
What about your weekend
Well, on Saturday morning I was with Tim in Wrigley Park.
People do some funny things... Yes, they do. Well, I can’t stay here all day.
And then Julia arrived and she and Tim...
Yeah, it seems they’re going out together.
I didn’t know anything about it.
is going out with Tim But...
So what will this new series of yours be about
If you come to the meeting tomorrow, you’ll find out.
Some of your young fans, boys.
Can we have your autographs, please
I’ll use my own pen.
What’s it like to be a star
These kids can recognize real talent.
That’s right.
Well, actually, this is for my grandma.
And the next item is: Tim’s new series. Tim
OK. Well the series will be called "People"...
...and it will be about people’s lives...
...not famous people, but ordinary people... nurses, shop assistants, bank managers, housewives.
Won’t that be a bit - ordinary
No, they’ll be ordinary people, but with an extraordinary story to tell.
- How will it work - It’ll be very simple.
We’ll interview someone in the studio about his or her life story.
And will you be the interviewer
I’d like Gary to do it.
Me Er, why
I’d like to direct it. It’ll be a chance for both of us to try something new.
- Gary - I think it’s an excellent idea.
Very exciting.
So, who have we got for the first programme
It’s this woman here - Samantha Richmond. She’s a waitress.
Uh-huh. So what’s her story
She got married on her sixteenth birthday.
She and her boyfriend ran away to Gretna Green...
...because her parents didn’t approve.
Sounds interesting. Are they still married
Yes, they are. They’ve got five children now.
Here’s a photo of the family.
If you do that again, I’ll go back to my desk.
OK. OK. I promise I’ll behave.
Good. Now there’s a lot more about Samantha Richmond.
She’s a very interesting woman.
What time will this woman be here, Julia It’s already twenty past two.
I’m sure she’ll be here soon.
Excuse me. There’s a message on my answerphone for Julia...
...from Samantha Richmond.
- When Just now - This morning.
I was out of the office all morning at a meeting.
Anyway, she says she’s very sorry...
...but she can’t come this afternoon because one of her children is ill.
Oh dear, I hope it’s nothing serious.
Nothing serious
We haven’t got an interview. That’s serious, isn’t it
I meant the child.
Well, if she can’t do it, we’ll just have to find someone from here.
Well, it can’t be me, because I’m the interviewer.
How about Frederick
He’s in Bangkok.
Anyway, it needs to be someone ordinary.
You can’t be serious.
Our guest this evening is Sean Casey - a cameraman here at Apex TV.
Tell me something about your early life, Sean.
Well, I was born in Ireland...
...but my parents moved to England when I was still a baby...
...and I grew up in London.
We were quite a big family - seven kids.
I didn’t do very well at school and I left when I was sixteen.
What did you do after school
I got a job in a furniture factory.
Furniture How interesting.
Not really.
But in my free time I played the bass guitar...
...with a band called Nightmare.
And we got a few good gigs, so I gave up my job...
...and went on the road with the band.
Yeah. We never became famous...
...but we played with some famous bands...
...REM, Guns N’ Roses, Dire Straits.
We had some great times.
I remember one night in Las Vegas, I was in a bar with U2.
They’re great guys - loads of fun.
Well, we were in this bar and...
Evening, Sean. We watched you on TV last night. You were very good.
Thank you, Ted.
Yes, you were great, Sean.
I didn’t see it.
The kids wanted to watch some quiz programme on the other channel.
Look out, boys, some more of your fans.
I’ll just get my pen out.
There he is!
Can we have your autograph, please, Mr Casey
We saw you on TV last night.
Did you really play with all those big bands
- Yeah. - What was it like
It was really great.
Huh, the kids of today!
Yeah. What do they know
Anything for me
Here you are. I’m going to put my feet up.
It’s been a long day.
This’ll be from my sister.
She works in Hong Kong.
Talking of families, are you working this weekend
Just Saturday.
I’m going to my parents’ for the weekend.
Would you like to come over on Sunday
They’d love to meet you.
Sure. What time
Why don’t you come over about three and stay for dinner in the evening
OK. Oh, how do I get there
I’ll give you a map.
No! I’ve got my personal organizer.
The easiest way is to take the London Road to Kingston.
There’s a big Asda supermarket just before you get to the centre of Kingston.
You go past Asda and take the first turning on the right.
There’s a post office on the corner.
First on the right. OK.
Go down there till you come to the second set of traffic lights.
Turn left there and you’ll see a pub called the Black Bull on the right.
Turn right and Gloucester Avenue is the third road on the left.
Number 29.
Turn right by the Black Bull and third left. 29. Got it.
Morning, dear. Do you want some breakfast
Yes, please. Morning, Dad.
Do you have to do that now
You said you wanted it mending.
- Are we going shopping today - No, not today.
Do you remember old Mrs Burns
I’m taking her to stay with her daughter this morning.
Where does her daughter live
In one of those little roads near King George Square.
We can go shopping tomorrow.
It’s more convenient on Sunday mornings anyway...
...because there aren’t so many people.
:10Don’t forget Tim’s coming tomorrow.
We’ll be back in time.
When I was driving home yesterday, I saw these two kids.
They were running out of a newsagent’s and the owner was running after them.
The kids ran right in front of my car and I nearly hit them.
But that wasn’t the worst thing.
When they turned round, do you know what
It was Jason and Kylie
Tim Barnes.
What When
Thank you.
A robbery at a jeweller’s shop in King George Square.
Here we are, Mrs Burns.
Oh, there’s another police car. I wonder what’s happening.
Oh dear, there’s nowhere to park. Well, I’ll just stop here.
We won’t be long.
Turn right here. That’ll be the quickest way.
Oh no!
Come on! You’re blocking the street.
We won’t be a minute.
Can’t you move any faster
Allow me. It’ll be quicker.
Well, really!
There you are, Mum.
So what happened
Well, when we got there, I couldn’t find anywhere to park... I stopped in the middle of the street.
While I was helping Mrs Burns out of the car...
...another car pulled up behind me...
...and the driver of the car beeped his horn at me.
Some people!
Poor old Mrs Burns can’t move very fast.
So while we were walking to her door, the young man started shouting at us.
That’s terrible!
And then he grabbed the suitcases from the car...
...and he just dumped them on the pavement.
How rude!
But, you know, I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before.
Tim will be here soon.
Uh, huh.
It isn’t usually as busy as that on a Sunday, is it, dear
No, dear.
I’ll take these in.
That’s him! That’s his car!
What, dear
Excuse me. I’d like a word with you!
Do you two know each other
Well, this is the rude young man that I was telling you about.
Oh dear. Mum, Dad. This is Tim.
Pleased to meet you.
Yes, Mother, if I have time I’ll try to go shopping at lunchtime.
Yes, I’ll buy some apples.
No, I won’t buy any pears, I know you don’t like them.
Now, have we got any coffee
Well, go and look and then ring me back.
Yes, Mother
Oh, I’m sorry. I was expecting another call.
What can I do for you Yes, I have seen the programme.
I saw it last night.
No. No, I don’t think the programmes are too violent.
I’m afraid I can’t agree with that.
She’s on the phone.
Tim, have you done that programme about the health farm yet
No, we haven’t.
We’re still looking for someone to go there... that we can film their experiences.
I’ve always wanted to go to a health farm.
But you’re already fit and healthy...
...and we need someone who’s unfit and stressed out.
Stupid man! Rebecca, have those tapes arrived
I’m afraid they won’t be here till next week.
Next week That’s too late!
Get me Frederick!
He’s gone to Rio and he won’t be back till Monday.
Oh, give me strength!
What do you want, Tim
Hello. Rebecca Bond speaking.
Just a minute, please.
It’s your mother again.
Yes, all right, Mother.
Yes, I’ll get some coffee. What
No, Mother, I haven’t hidden your glasses.
No, I can’t come home and look for them.
I need a break.
Welcome to Westland Manor Health and Fitness Centre, Mrs McKay.
My name’s Celine, and I’m your personal consultant.
- Have you ever stayed here before - No, I haven’t.
- And how long will you be with us - About a week.
I see. Well, first we’ll do some of our regular tests...
...and then we can work out your personal fitness programme.
So would you like to follow me
So, you’ve finished your tests...
..and Celine has worked out a programme for you.
Now it’s time for your evening meal.
Meal You call this a meal
A bit of lettuce, a few nuts and some fruit.
They won’t let me have any biscuits or ice cream or chocolate.
Can you have any wine or beer
I can’t even have a cup of tea or coffee. This is my drink.
A glass of water
I used to be a war correspondent, you know...
...and I had some hard times...
...but I always had a good meal at the end of the day...
...with meat and cheese - not this, this rabbit food.
And cut! That was great, Martha.
That’s it for today, Sean.
Right. Where shall we go for a meal I’m starving.
Let’s try that pub down the road.
I fancy a nice big steak and a plateful of chips.
Tim, I won’t forget this.
It’s nine-thirty and Martha is starting her exercise programme in the gym.
That’s it. Swing those arms. Swing those arms. Good!
OK, another ten minutes and it’s time for lunch...
...and then at half past two we’re going jogging.
Jogging I’ve never been jogging in my life!
Oh, how did you talk me into this, Tim
Yes, OK. Bye, then.
Yes, love you, too.
I used to play with this band, you know.
Oh, yes Do you want some more French fries I’ve had enough.
Quick. Here they come.
So, Martha. How do you feel
have never felt worse.
have done some difficult things in my life.
‘ve slept in airports, in fields, even in the street.
‘ve travelled for three days on a camel.
I’ve eaten snakes and insects.
But this - this is just too much.
nd what’s the next thing on your programme
he next thing on my programme
ou’ll see. First, I think I’ll make a phone call.
an I borrow your mobile
Mother. I’m coming home.
Hey! Stop! Martha!!
Anything interesting
How about going to the theatre
What’s on
Waiting for Godot. I’d like to see that.
OK. When
How about tomorrow
No, I’m working on Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week.
Let’s go on Thursday then.
All right. Are you going to get the tickets
Yes. You forgot them last time.
I couldn’t help it. A job came up at the last minute.
Hmm. I’ve heard that story before.
Aren’t you going to your aerobics class
Not this week. The instructor’s hurt her knee.
Are you going out
Yes, we’re going to the theatre to see Waiting for Godot.
- What’s the time - Ten past seven.
Oh no. I’m going to be late.
Tim’ll already be at the theatre by now.
Hello. 823846.
Rebecca It’s Tim. Is Julia there
It’s Tim.
I’m sorry, Tim. I’ll be with you in ten minutes.
Well, um, I’m not at the theatre actually.
I’m afraid something’s come up and I’ve got to deal with it.
Oh, that’s wonderful! So what am I going to do with the tickets
I don’t know. I’m sorry but I have to go. Bye.
What’s up
He can’t make it - again!
This is the third time he’s done something like this.
Last time he forgot to get the tickets.
The time before that his jeep had a flat tyre.
Do you fancy going to the theatre
Ooh, yes. I’ve always wanted to see Waiting for Godot.
Well, it’ll be better than waiting for Tim!
Hi. Do you mind if I join you Oh, here comes the worker.
Did you go to see that play
Yes, thanks. It was very good, wasn’t it, Rebecca
Excellent! I really enjoyed it.
Look, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.
Work comes first every time, eh, Tim
I hope you’re not going to do anything like this tomorrow night.
It’s my friend Charlotte’s, party.
Except ... um...
...I’ve agreed to stand in for Pete Riley tomorrow... I probably won’t be free till about nine thirty.
Would you mind going on your own and I’ll meet you there
Oh, all right. But don’t be too late.
I was so embarrassed.
But there was nobody else to do the interview.
Everybody asked about you.
"I hear you’ve got a new bloke, Julia"
"Where’s your new boyfriend, Julia Is he here"
- It was so... - Embarrassing
It’s not funny. You wouldn’t like it if I stood you up.
But it’s my job. You know what it’s like.
I can’t help it if something important comes up.
Something important So I’m not important
I didn’t mean that.
There are other things in life besides work, you know.
I’ve got a job, too, but I’m not a slave to it.
But you, you’d miss your own wedding if "something important" came up.
No, I wouldn’t.
Well, I’m fed up with it, Tim, and I’m not going to put up with it any more.
It won’t happen again. I promise.
Are you doing anything this evening
I’m having dinner with Julia and her parents.
And this time I’m not going to be late.
You’re listening to Radio 591 .
This is the local news.
We’re getting reports of a serious fire at the Southgate furniture factory.
We haven’t got any more details yet...
...but we’ll bring them to you as soon as we get them.
The Southgate place. That’s about fifteen minutes from here.
But what about your dinner with Julia
That’s not till half past eight.
That traffic light’s going to turn red.
Oh no. A police car.
Hello Sean.
At the police station Speeding
But the police don’t arrest people for speeding.
Going through a red light
Arguing with a police officer
Resisting arrest I don’t believe this.
Just one question, Sean. Why was he speeding in the first place
I see. Thank you.
Shall we eat
Anyway, the Prime Minister asked: "So are we waiting for Frederick"
And Martha said: "I hope not. He’s going to be in China till next week."
So... Blimey! Where did you spend the night
Julia, I...
- Don’t talk to me, Tim. - But I...
I don’t want anything more to do with you.
I’ve had enough. We’re finished.
What are you staring at
Tim Barnes.
I’ve got two tickets to see Romeo and Juliet tomorrow.
Oh really.
What would you say if I asked you to come with me
What would I say, Gary I’d say "Thank you. I’d love to go."
Every day, millions of tons of rubbish are produced.
We throw our rubbish into the dustbin.
It’s collected away and - Cut.
Collected and taken away...
We’ll have to do that bit again.
Give me another can.
Every day, millions of tons of rubbish are produced.
We throw our rubbish into the dustbin.
It’s collected and taken away. But what happens to it then
Some things, like bottles, cans, and paper will be recycled.
Some things will be burnt.
But most of it will be dumped in places like this.
This is the landfill site at Westbridge.
It was first used ten years ago...
...and it was expected to last for thirty or forty years.
But now it’s - um. Oh damn. Cut.
It’s OK. I think we’ll be able to edit that out and...
No. This is going to be done properly.
We’ll have to start again from the beginning.
We haven’t got any more cans.
Then I’ll just have to use one of these.
Every day, millions of tons of rubbish are produced.
We throw our rubbish into the dustbin...
Have I got an appointment with Frederick now
He’s in Moscow. I can get him on his mobile, if you want.
No, it’s all right.
What on earth is the matter with Julia
I had to tell her something three times.
Haven’t you heard She and Tim have split up.
And Sean says that Tim’s just the same.
What do you mean
They had to film something ten times this morning...
...because Tim couldn’t remember his lines.
That’s not like Tim.
I know. And Julia hasn’t smiled for days.
Well, you can’t work with people like that.
I’ve seen it too many times and it always causes problems.
We’ll have to do something about it.
I’m sorry about this morning, Sean.
It’s all right. Is it Julia
I’ve tried to explain, but she just won’t listen.
I’m sure you’ll be able to sort things out.
Maybe. But she’s going to have to make the first move. She broke it off.
Look. She’ll have to come past here when she leaves.
Why don’t you just say hello to her
That isn’t too difficult, is it Same again
Why should I make the first move It was all his fault.
You don’t have to do anything really.
He’s over there. Just say hello to him when you leave.
Maybe. Anyway, I’m going now. Bye.
Are you still OK for Romeo and Juliet tonight
What Oh, er, I suppose so.
Great. I’ll pick you up about quarter to seven
Yes, OK, Gary.
See you later, then.
Just two minutes to go and it’s still one-one.
Legrand. Anderson. Panini. Can he do anything
Anderson again, and here’s Legrand.
What a goal! It’s 2-1 with less than a minute on the clock.
Julia. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.
Oh, Tim. I love you.
Oh, sorry.
Are you OK You were miles away.
I was just thinking about something. Nothing important.
Well, here we are. Home again.
Thank you for this evening, Gary. I enjoyed the play.
Aren’t you going to ask me in for a cup of coffee
No, Gary. It’s late and I won’t be able to get up in the morning.
Just a goodnight kiss, then
No, Gary. Just goodnight.
Oh, sweet Julia. Just one kiss for your poor Romeo.
- Don’t be silly. - Ow! My ankle!
Oh, Gary!
How’s your ankle
I think it’s all right.
Will you be able to drive
Yes, I’ll be fine. Goodnight.
Tim Barnes.
What Where are you Frankfurt
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m working today.
No, it’s all right. I can change that.
No, really. What time do you get to London
Ten forty-five. OK. I’ll be there. See you later.
Hi, Pete It’s Tim.
Sorry to bother you so early, but I’ve got a bit of a problem.
Can you cover for me today
- What are you doing - I’ve just seen Tim.
I thought he was going in late today...
...but he seemed to be in a hurry.
I suppose "something important" has come up.
How was your date with Gary
Oh, don’t ask.
It’s great to see you.
- Lovely to see you, too, Tim. - But what are you doing here
I’ve got an interview next week for a new job.
Why didn’t you let me know before
I didn’t know myself until yesterday, and all the flights were fully booked.
I was lucky to get this one.
Anyway, I wanted to give you a surprise.
Well, you certainly did that.
Now, what would you like to do today
Oh, I don’t know really. I’m a bit tired.
Where is it Oh, I put it here yesterday, I know I did. Oh no!
Julia, Julia. Come on now.
It’s OK. I’ll be all right.
You’ll have to sort things out with him, you know.
You can’t go on like this.
Do you want me to talk to him
No, I’ll go and see him when we get home - if he’s there.
Martha said he’s taking a few days off.
The man phoned again later on.
So I said, if I were you, I’d write a letter to the Managing Director...
...but he said... what’s the matter
I’ve had a really nice day.
Just a minute, Denise. I’ll introduce you to my neighbours.
Can it wait till tomorrow
I feel a bit tired now - jet lag.
OK. We can call in at the wine bar tomorrow evening.
I’m sure they’ll be there.
Can I have a word, please
Of course, Julia. What’s the problem
Can I move to another department
A transfer? But why You’re doing so well here.
It’s, it’s personal.
Tim, I suppose. Haven’t you two made it up yet
But you were made for each other.
When you get to my age you can see these things.
Well, if you really want a transfer...
...I’ll talk to Frederick when he gets back from Russia.
But I’ll be sorry to lose you.
I’ll just go to the loo.
Where’s your girlfriend
It didn’t take you long to find one.
It didn’t take me long What about you
Last night you were kissing and cuddling him in the street.
I wasn’t!
You were - I went out to get a pizza and when I was coming back, I saw you.
I wasn’t cuddling Gary. He had fallen over and twisted his ankle.
I was helping him. Isn’t that right, Gary
Well, I didn’t know.
I’m back. Are these your friends
Yes. Let me introduce everyone.
This is, um, Gary, Sean, Rebecca and Julia.
This is Denise - my sister.
- Hello. - Hi!
Your sister Your sister Why didn’t you say
You didn’t give me a chance.
There’s a free table over there.
So, what are you doing here


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