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3- Intermediate DVD (Lifetime)
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An appealing sitcom comedy, combined with a clear language focus to practice daily conversations. Lifetime is a three-level video comedy-drama for elementary, pre-intermediate, and intermediate students. Each level consists of seven episodes with a language focus, and an emphasis on communication. Click here to access other Lifetime videos.

CONTENTS - LEVEL 3- (7 minutes each episode)



Language in use:
Shortened sentences
Useful expressions
Let me (do something) ...
Present simple
Present continuous
Past simple
Present perfect
Past continuous
Past perfect

Language in use:
Australian English
Similar meanings
... (just) go and ...
Future with will / going to
Present continuous with future meaning
Question tags
Relative clauses

Language in use:
Offering to pay
Useful expressions
The Passive
Conditional sentences
First conditional
Second conditional

Language in use:
I thought I'd just ...
I'm thinking of -ing ...
Useful expressions
Present perfect continuous
Time expressions
Indirect questions
Culture note: indirect questions and requests

Language in use:
Useful expressions
What's this I hear about ...-ing?
Phrasal verbs
So do I / Nor do I

Language in use:
I wouldn't mind -ing
seems to / doesn't seem to
Culture note: intonation
Grammar summary:
Reported speech
say and tell
Reported questions
Reported requests and commands

Language in use:
It must be nice -ing ...
Could you get ... to ... ?
I don't think ...
Third conditional
should / shouldn't have
Culture note: just married

You wanted to see me, Martha?
Oh, yes, Julia. Sit down. Um ...
How long have you been at Apex TV now?
Let’s see. I started in September last year.
So about a year.
And so far you’ve worked with me on the food programme.
You’ve done some interviews...
...and you’ve done quite a lot of research, too.
But how do you see yourself in, say, five years’ time... a reporter, a researcher, a producer
Definitely a producer.
Production’s what I like best.
I thought so.
Well, I’m pleased to tell you that from next month...’re no longer a trainee, but an assistant producer.
And we’re going to give you a permanent contract.
What - really That’s wonderful! Thank you.
Sorry to interrupt. Alan Meredith is waiting to see you.
And, er, is it all right if I go now
Rebecca’s very quiet this morning.
She always gets nervous when she sees her family.
Oh yes. She’s going to her sister’s graduation.
Anyway, come and meet Alan Meredith.
He’s from Australia.
He’s visiting us for a couple of days.
Um, I’d like you to look after him, show him around...
...introduce him to people. You know the sort of thing.
What do you do at Kangaroo TV, Alan
I’m the Marketing Manager.
And what are you doing in the UK
We buy a lot of British programmes and we sell some to the UK, too.
So I’m visiting the TV stations that we deal with.
Gary! Can I introduce you to Alan Meredith from Australia
Alan, this is ...
You don’t need to introduce this man.
It’s Gary Fenton, the news reader.
Pleased to meet you.
You’re very well known down under.
We broadcast your News from the UK programme every week.
It’s one of our most popular shows.
Really Well, I’m just going to record something for that now.
Would you like to come and watch
But we’re on our way to see Frederick.
I saw him leaving about half an hour ago.
He’s having lunch with the Prime Minister.
OK with you then, Julia
Yes, it’s fine. Oh, by the way, Gary, I’ve got some good news. I’ve been ...
Sorry, Julia. Duty calls.
What a day!
Do you know, we’ve done a report on traffic congestion...
...every year for the last four years.
And then we were sitting in a traffic jam for two hours!
I’ve been in this job too long.
But you used to enjoy it.
- Hello, lads. - Hi, Simon.
- Everything all right - Yeah.
- Great. - Excellent.
I wouldn’t mind his job.
What Foreign reporter
Travelling to different places all the time That would be great.
Hi, Julia. Are you on your own
No, I’m looking after this guy from Australia.
He’s just making a phone call. I’ve got some news.
Well, let me get you a drink first. White wine
We had some trouble yesterday with Jason and Kylie.
When I got home, they were playing football in the garden.
And they kicked the ball through the neighbours’ window.
Oh dear.
But that wasn’t all.
Our neighbours had just sat down for dinner...
...and the ball landed right in the middle of the table.
There was food and glass everywhere.
There you go. Now what’s this news
Sorry about that.
Alan, let me introduce you to Tim Barnes.
Tim’s one of our reporters, and Sean Casey.
Sean’s a cameraman.
Excuse me.
Hello. Tim Barnes.
Can’t Pete cover it We’ve just finished for the day.
OK. There’s been an accident at the airport.
Oh, would you like to come along with us
Julia Sorry. I keep doing this.
That’s OK.
You can tell me more about Australia on the way. Bye. Might see you later.
Hi Rebecca. What are you doing
I’m writing my Christmas list.
In September
I haven’t even started to think about buying Christmas presents yet.
There’s nothing wrong with being organised.
No, no, nothing at all.
Anyway, I’ve got some news.
Don’t put that there!
I’m sorry, Julia. I’ve just had a bad day.
What’s wrong
My parents. It’s always the same.
"Cindy’s the first person in the family to get an MBA degree.
"Isn’t she doing well"
And then it always turns to:
"Are you still working at that TV station, Rebecca
"Why don’t you look for something better"
That’s not fair. You’re very good at your job.
I know. And I like the people.
Anyway, what’s your news
Oh, nothing important.
Would you like a cup of tea or something
Do you want to hear my news
I’ve been promoted to assistant producer.
And I’ve got a permanent contract.
That’s wonderful, Julia. Well done!
This is Gary Fenton with the one o’clock news.
Severe weather has brought problems to many parts of Britain.
Heavy rain has caused floods in the South.
In the North strong winds have damaged buildings...
...and brought down electricity cables.
Many people in Scotland will be without electricity for several days.
The storms will slowly move northwards during the day...
...but it will stay very cold for the time of year.
I can’t believe this weather.
It’s supposed to be summer.
Sean got soaked this morning.
A lorry drove through a huge puddle and sprayed water all over him.
Poor Sean! Has he dried out yet
I hope so. We’re leaving to do another report in a few minutes.
Well, in two days time I’ll be on a warm, sunny beach...
...and it’ll be all barbies and surfboards.
But it’s winter in Australia now, isn’t it
Well, it’s nearly spring...
...but the weather’s pretty good there all year round, actually.
Sounds great.
Oh, I like all the different kinds of weather that we have here.
It’s nice in autumn when the trees change colour...
...and in winter when it’s cold and frosty.
Anyway, I’d better go and call you a taxi.
I’ll give Alan a lift.
You’re going to the station, aren’t you It’s on my way.
Thanks. I’ll just go and get my bags from Rebecca’s office.
- Thanks for everything. - Have a good trip, Alan.
And send us some of that Australian sunshine.
You’re quite interested in Australia, aren’t you, Tim
Well, Kangaroo TV is expanding...
...and we’re going to need some new blood...
...particularly people with the kind of experience you’ve got.
Sounds interesting.
Well, if you are interested, one of our directors, Isobel Mendoza... going to be at the Intertel Conference in Amsterdam next month.
Perhaps you could arrange to meet her there.
Thanks. I might do that.
But remember, Julia likes the British climate. Bye.
Have a good trip. Bye.
I think it’s a good idea, don’t you
Gary, shall we do something to celebrate Julia’s promotion
What about arranging a surprise dinner for her on Friday
Why Friday
She’s working late, so it will give us time to get things ready.
You aren’t doing anything, are you
OK. So who’s going to do what
I’ll cook my duck a l’orange.
You can’t do that in a microwave, can you
Uh, people travel miles for my duck.
I’ll do the vegetables and a dessert.
And I’ll get some champagne.
Yes, Tim
I’d like to go to the Intertel Conference next month.
It’s in Amsterdam.
Ah, yes - Frederick’s going to be one of the speakers there.
But I thought you didn’t like conferences.
You’ve always refused to go in the past.
Well, yes, but I thought it might be a good idea to... know, keep up with what’s going on in the business.
OK, but you’ll need to put in a formal request for funding.
Could you get the information...
...on the Intertel Conference in Amsterdam, please, Rebecca
I’d like to know who’s going to be there.
Gary, can you take your shoes off if you’re going to stand on the sofa
Can someone get me that drawing pin
It’s all right. Gary’s found it.
Thanks, Ted. She’s just left work... she should be here in about twenty minutes.
- It’s Julia Drake, isn’t it - Yes.
Hello. I’m Zoe Pearce.
We’re going to be working together soon, I gather.
Oh, you’re going to be the director...
...of that new series on the paranormal, aren’t you
That’s right. Look, are you doing anything at the moment
No, I’m just on my way home.
Would you like to go for a drink...
...or how about having a bite to eat somewhere
That would be great. It’ll save cooking.
Good. I always like to get to know the people I’m going to work with.
She left work nearly two hours ago!
I hope nothing’s happened to her.
My duck will be ruined if we don’t eat it soon.
And I’m starving. She must have gone somewhere after work.
That was a very nice meal.
Yeah, I like this place. I came here with Tim once.
So, are you looking forward to your new job
Yeah. It’s going to be great.
Well, here’s to you, Julia. Congratulations.
Can I check in here for Amsterdam
Yes, sir. Can I see your ticket and passport, please
Thank you. Did you pack the bag yourself
Yes, I did.
Does the bag contain any electrical items
No, it doesn’t.
And has the bag been left unattended at any time
Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat, Mr Barnes
Window, please.
OK, here’s your boarding pass.
You’re in seat 1 5A.
Boarding is at eleven fifteen at gate 27. Have a nice flight.
Thank you.
Hi, Simon.
Are you going to the Intertel Conference, too
No, no, I’m off to Rome. I’m covering the elections there.
It’s lovely in Italy at this time of year.
- See you. - Bye.
OK. Twenty seconds everyone. Gary!
What Oh, sorry.
It’s my new mobile phone - the latest model, you know.
Put it away!
Five, four, three, two, one. Cue music.
It’s six o’clock.
This is Gary Fenton with the early evening news.
The police are warning the public to be on the lookout for a dangerous criminal.
He is one of three people who robbed a branch...
...of the Southern Alliance bank this morning.
The thieves made off with over £2 million.
However, their car was spotted by the police.
They were chased for over two miles...
...before the car was hit by a lorry and overturned.
The lorry driver was not hurt in the accident.
A man and a woman in the car were arrested and taken to hospital...
...but a second man escaped.
He is described as in his thirties, tall, and with fair hair.
He was probably injured in the crash.
The police say that if he is seen, he must not be approached.
He is dangerous and could be armed.
Hurry up, Julia. Gary will be here soon.
And don’t forget to close your window. You know what happened last time.
Well I didn’t know it was going to rain.
When does Tim get back from his conference
On Friday.
What No! When
OK. See you later.
Julia! Gary’s car’s been stolen.
His car’s been nicked.
We’ll have to try and get a taxi from the end of the street.
OK. Coming!
No, no, no. Right. Bye.
That was the police.
Any news about your car
No. It’s probably being used as a getaway car at this very moment.
And look what happened to the car in that robbery yesterday.
Has that guy been caught yet
It’s a bit scary, thinking that there’s a criminal out there somewhere.
There’s a criminal out there in my car, too.
People like that should be locked up - for life.
Relax, Gary. It’ll be found sooner or later.
Relax You wouldn’t say that if it was your car.
Why don’t you come round to our place after work for a meal
- It’ll take your mind off things. - Thanks!
But if I get my hands on the people who’ve taken my car, I’ll...
Nobody messes with Gary Fenton and gets away with it.
- I’ll get this. - No. It’s OK.
No, no, I insist.
Could I have a receipt, please
Thank you.
Hello - Gary.
- What’s the matter - There’s someone inside the flat.
Did you close your window
I told you you shouldn’t leave it open.
My car’s been found and it hasn’t been damaged!
- Ssshhhh! - What’s that
Could you go in and find out
- Me We ought to phone the police. - Go on, Gary.
No way.
OK then. This is my fault. I’ll do it. Give me the keys.
I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
It could be the man the police are looking for.
Oh, all right.
Nobody messes with Gary Fenton and gets away with it!
Our hero.
- Have you had a good run - Yes, thanks.
You’ve been doing a lot of training lately.
Yes, I thought I’d enter the London Marathon.
Do you know where the pen for phone messages is
I’ve been using it to do the crossword.
Sorry. I know it shouldn’t be moved from the phone.
Leave those. I’ll see to them in a minute.
And I haven’t finished with those yet.
It’s Sunday morning, Rebecca. Relax.
OK. I’m going to have a shower.
Hello, Sean. How are you
Not too bad, I suppose.
Jason and Kylie What have they been doing now
They’ve been talking on one of those telephone chat lines you know...
...where you can talk to people from all over the country.
We got the phone bill yesterday.
I don’t know what we’re going to do with those kids.
You could try strangling them.
Rebecca. Your sister phoned just now.
She’d like you to call her back.
Cindy She never phones me at work. I wonder what she wants.
Could you let me have a report some time...
...on the Amsterdam conference, Tim
And I’d particularly like to know...
...whether you made any useful contacts there.
Sure. No problem.
I’d like to know what you were up to as well.
I’m sure you would, Julia.
It’s very strange.
I’ve been living in that flat for four years...
...and she’s only ever visited me once before.
- Do you know what she wants - No.
Why do people have to be so mysterious
I don’t know why they can’t just say what’s on their mind.
Don’t you agree, Tim
Er, yes, yes, definitely.
You’ve been tidying this flat for the last two hours.
And it was tidy when you started.
And that’s the fourth time you’ve straightened that pen.
What is it with you and your family
Why does everything have to be so perfect
Ever since I can remember, Cindy’s always been better at everything.
She got better grades at school.
She went to university.
I went to the local technical college.
She’s got a high-powered job in the City.
I’m just a - a secretary.
A personal assistant.
But I don’t see what that’s got to do with being tidy.
I’ve got to show that I’m better at something.
If I can’t be as successful as her...
...I can be neater or more organised - or fitter.
Is that why you want to do the London Marathon
Just relax.
Tim and I are going out, so I’ll be out of your way soon.
Julia. I don’t know how to say this...
...but there’s something I need to tell you.
I suppose you’re wondering why I wanted to go to that conference.
Hey, you’ll never believe this, Julia...
...but I’m thinking of going to work in Australia.
Julia, my love...
Julia, I don’t know whether you’ll like this, but...
Of course she won’t like it, you nerd!
It’s no good.
I’ll wait till I hear whether I’ve definitely got the job.
Hi, Rebecca. Is Cindy still here
No, she’s gone.
Are you all right
Only - you haven’t cleared the table.
I’ve had such a strange evening.
What happened
You know Cindy’s always been a high-powered business woman...
...with a flash car and loads of money and now this MBA as well
Well, she’s met this guy called Jimmy.
Actually, they’ve been going out for about two years.
She hasn’t told Mum and Dad because they wouldn’t approve.
How romantic!
And now she’s given up her job.
Yes, it seems she’s been living a lie all her life.
She’s done all the things she’s done just to please Mum and Dad.
But you haven’t heard the best bit.
She envies me because I’ve always done what I wanted.
And now she’s decided to do what she wants to do, too.
Going to Africa
Yes, she and Jimmy are going to teach in a school for blind children.
She won’t make any money doing that.
That’s the whole point, Gary.
So you’ve been competing with each other all your lives for no reason
Yes. We couldn’t tell each other how we really felt.
You were right the other day, Julia.
We should all be more honest with each other.
I thought you’d gone jogging.
I’ve given that up. I never really enjoyed it.
No London Marathon, then
No. I thought I’d just read the paper and maybe do the crossword.
Could you pass me that pen
Julia, will you marry me
I can’t. I’m editing the news.
Tim! Tim!
Good morning, Miss Drake.
This is your wake-up call. It’s five o’clock.
Thank you.
The Amsterdam report.
Thank you. How was Isobel
Stop playing games, Tim.
I’ve been in this business far too long for that.
Isobel Mendoza and I go way back.
She’s on the Board of Directors of Kangaroo TV...
...and she was at the Amsterdam conference.
I got a letter from Kangaroo TV a couple of days ago offering me a job.
Telling Julia isn’t going to be easy.
Well, delaying it won’t make it any easier.
I know. I’ve decided to tell her as soon as I see her.
But she’s been away for the past few days.
Oh yes. She’s doing this series with Zoe Pearce...
...about ghosts and UFOs and things, isn’t she
Yes, but she’s coming back tonight.
Going off to work in Australia is a big step, Tim.
So think about it carefully - for your sake and Julia’s.
It happened about five years ago.
One night, while driving to the hospital...
...I was doing night duty at the time...
...I heard a voice saying...
"Turn the car round. Go back. Turn the car round."
I remember thinking there was somebody else in the car with me...
...but there wasn’t.
Then suddenly in my mind I saw my house burning...
...and there were people screaming.
It was very frightening.
So I quickly turned round and headed back home.
When I pulled up outside the house, everything looked all right...
...but then I noticed a light flickering in the front room.
And as I walked up the path...
...I could see that there was smoke coming out of the window.
I rushed in, woke up my wife and children and got them outside.
A few minutes later the whole house was on fire.
And cut!
Thank you, Doctor Ackroyd. That was great.
- OK. - Thank you.
Right. That just about wraps it up for this week.
We can pack up now and head off.
- Thanks, Ian. - Thanks.
That was a weird story, wasn’t it
Yes, very strange.
Although I don’t believe in premonitions.
No, nor do I.
Julia, will you marry me
I can’t, I’m editing the news.
Do you still want me to drop you off at home
No, you needn’t bother.
We finished a lot earlier than I expected.
I’ll call in at the office.
There are a few things I want to sort out for next week’s shoot.
You’re really enjoying your new job, aren’t you
I love it.
Oh, I’ve left my mobile upstairs.
Just a minute.
Hi, Sean, Ted. Can you hold the lift
Thank you.
OK. Let’s go.
Tim What’s this I hear about you going to Australia
How did you know about that
Gary told me.
Gary Oh no.
That means everyone in the whole place will know by now.
It’s a good job Julia isn’t there today.
She is. She came in while you were getting your mobile.
- Have you seen Julia - No, I haven’t.
Nor have I. She might be in the edit suite.
I’ve been looking for you everywhere.
You know, don’t you
Why didn’t you tell me
I didn’t want to say anything until it was definite.
So what are you going to do
I’m going to tell them that I can only take the job if my wife agrees.
Your wife
Yes. Julia, will you marry me
He did what
Tim asked me to marry him.
When’s the big day
You didn’t say yes then
No, I didn’t.
I told him not to be silly, but he said he was serious.
What did you say
I said that I would have to think about it.
And have you - thought about it, that is
I’ve thought about nothing else since.
I would like to marry Tim and I wouldn’t mind living in Australia, but...
...well, I’m really enjoying my new job...
...and it’s sort of like Tim wants to go to Australia... my job isn’t important.
I just have to give it up to let him do what he wants to do.
You’ll have to decide what you’re going to do soon though, won’t you
Well, luckily I’m going away tomorrow night.
I won’t be back for the next few days.
So I’ve got a bit of time to think about it.
In the nineteen sixties experts predicted...
...that by the beginning of the twenty-first century... would be a thing of the past.
They said that almost every job would be done by robots...
...and people would spend all their time on leisure activities.
In fact, it seems, the opposite has happened.
According to a recent report, we now work longer than ever before.
And more and more people have to work unsocial hours...
...working at night or at weekends.
Of course, there are benefits.
We all earn more, we now have twenty-four hour telephone banking...
...most shops are open seven days a week...
...and some, like this supermarket, are open round the clock.
But what effect is this having on our health
And, with parents spending more time at work, what is it doing to family life
It’s nearly midnight and I’m going to ask...
...some of the customers and workers here what they think.
And cut.
I don’t know about other people working long hours.
I’ve hardly been home in the past week.
You’ve got tomorrow off.
Yeah, but I’m not looking forward to it.
We’re going to see a child psychologist about Jason and Kylie.
It’s because of the incident with the digger.
Oh yes. You said that they’d backed it into the newsagent’s window.
That was after they’d driven it through someone’s garden.
Why on earth the workmen left the keys in it, I’ll never know.
So where does the child psychologist come into this
Well, the police said that Jason and Kylie...
...would be in serious trouble if we didn’t do something about them.
Hello, Tim Barnes.
Hi, Tim. It’s me.
Hi. Are you all right It’s two o’clock in the morning.
I couldn’t sleep.
I didn’t wake you up, did I
No, we’ve been working late.
I was going to wait till I got back, but well, I’ve thought about, you know...
Getting married.
Hi, Tim. Have you spoken to Julia lately
Her mobile doesn’t seem to be working.
She phoned me from her hotel the other night.
She told me that she wanted to marry me, but she wasn’t going to.
She said that I’d only asked her to marry me... get myself out of a difficult situation.
She’s very upset about it all, you know.
Well, she told me that I was going to have to choose - Australia or her.
Oh, hi, Sean. Didn’t it go very well with the psychologist
He told me that Kylie and Jason weren’t the problem, I was.
He said I didn’t spend enough time with them...
...but I said it was difficult with my job.
You do work pretty unsocial hours.
He asked me what I did. So I told him.
Did you tell him that you enjoyed your job, too
Yeah, but he asked me which was more important - my family or my job.
He said I had to decide what my priorities were.
Could I speak to Julia Drake, please
Checked out OK, thank you.
Hello, Tim.
Simon! I thought you were in Rome.
I was, but I had to come back early.
Martha wanted to talk to me in person.
And apparently Frederick’s going to be there, too.
Our Managing Director’s actually here
It must be something important.
Are you coming to the pub for lunch
Um, I’ll see you there.
I just want to send this e-mail.
Australia, eh
Mind your own business.
Is Martha free yet
No, she’s still with Simon and Frederick.
They’ve been in there all afternoon.
Martha’s free first thing tomorrow morning.
It’s OK. I’ll wait.
Sean was here earlier.
He told me he’d decided to ask for a transfer to studio work.
What He hates working indoors.
He said it was because the hours were more regular...
...and if you were going to Australia... was an appropriate time for a change.
He’s here now, actually. OK.
Martha’s just asked me to find you.
She wants you to go in and join them.
Is this because of Sean’s family
Yes. He said he’d realised...
...that the people he loved were more important than his job.
He said it was all a question of priorities.
- That was a bit of a marathon. - And we didn’t see the ghost!
I would have run a mile, if it had appeared! I’m exhausted.
Perhaps we shouldn’t have tried to do it all in one day.
Maybe. Anyway, I don’t fancy driving back tonight.
Why don’t we stay somewhere near here...
...then we can go straight into work tomorrow
OK. I’ll ring round some of the local hotels.
Can I borrow your mobile Mine’s not working.
Yes, of course. Here you are.
Hi, Rebecca. Is Julia back yet
And she hasn’t called
Well, when you speak to her, could you get her to call me
I don’t mind how late.
I’m going to be working till at least half past three in the morning.
- Here’s your coffee. - Thanks.
I suppose this will be our last job together.
Yes. I hope the studio work goes well for you.
So do I. And good luck with your new job, too.
Thanks. It’ll be good to see some new places.
To the future.
Good morning, Zoe, Julia.
- Morning, Ted. - Morning.
Oh, Zoe, I’ve got a package for you here and you need to sign for it.
Well, I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t heard it from Martha.
- See you later, Zoe. - OK.
- So he’s definitely going to Australia - Yes, to Kangaroo TV.
Hello. Tim Barnes.
What Is she all right
The General Yeah, I’m on my way.
Julia, are you all right What happened
You may well ask, Tim Barnes. This is all your fault.
If you hadn’t decided to go off to Australia, this wouldn’t have happened.
You should have told me, Tim.
Could somebody please tell me what’s going on
I was in reception and I heard Abigail saying...
...that you were definitely going to Australia.
She said that I was going to Australia
Well, she didn’t actually mention your name, but...
...I don’t think it’s very funny.
If that driver hadn’t stopped so quickly, Julia would have been killed.
She wasn’t talking about me.
She was talking about Frederick. I’m not going to Australia.
Let me get this straight.
Frederick’s going to be Managing Director of Kangaroo TV...
...and Martha’s taking over
Then Simon Fletcher is taking Martha’s place...
...and they’ve offered me Simon’s old job as foreign reporter.
So as soon as you’re well again, we can get married.
But nothing’s really changed, has it, Tim
What do you mean
You wouldn’t have asked me to marry you...
...if you hadn’t been offered the job in Australia.
And you would have gone, if Simon’s job hadn’t come up.
No. I’d already turned the Australian job down.
I don’t believe you.
How’s the patient
Look, I’ll show you.
Oh, no. I put it under your door.
Is this what you want
You really turned it down
I e-mailed that yesterday before I knew anything about the job at Apex.
It’s true, Julia. I saw him typing it.
It must be nice being a foreign reporter going to all those different places.
It is. I’m off to Barbados today.
Oh really So am I. I’m staying at the Honeymoon Hotel.
Perhaps I’ll see you there, Mr Barnes.
Perhaps you will, Mrs Barnes.


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