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The Bus stop (2017) - Anti Bullying short film (Magic Cube)
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You won't believe what happens to the bully in this video! This short film tells the story of Angela, an elderly woman who is bullied by a group of teenagers at a bus stop. She crosses paths again with, Carter, one of the bullies. Their confrontation leads to an unexpected outcome. Based on a true story.


Activate your YouTube subtitles if you want to read it with subtitles.

It was so funny
I can't believe you told him that !
You should have seen his face, loser
He was actually crying
Excuse me! You just hit me in the head. Don't you have something to say?
Come on man! Apologize to the grey head.
She almost croaked
Whatever... it's not like she has much longer anyway
Don't you have a grandmother?
Imagine someone treating her this way!
It wouldn't happen...
Besides I trained my grandma well, she knows when to shut her trap!
Yeah, so her teeth don't fall out!
Shouldn't you be at home cooking for some old fart anyway?
Oh look, she's not talking anymore!
I should have known...With a face like that,
nobody would be caught dead with you.
Actually I just lost my husband!
Well, maybe you should check with mall security
Someone might have found him sucking back a prune juice and brought him back
Did he kill himself because he couldn't live with your ugly ass anymore?
Why you...
If you have nothing nice to say why don't just leave me alone!
Come on guys, let's go to Jimmy's and get some burgers
Let's catch the next bus.
Okay, I'm starving
We'll see you later constipator
Carter, get out here! I'm ready to go!
Move it mister
or no more video games for the rest of the week!
Come on! Hurry up!
Yeah! I'm coming
Be polite
Yeah, fine
Hi, I'm Lynn your next-door neighbour.
We just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the neighbourhood
Hi, I'm Angela nice to meet you.
We made you a little something
Oh that's so nice!
and who was this young man?
Oh, this is my son Carter
Nice to meet you Carter.
Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?
I was just preparing some
Sure. Carter and I have some time.
Thank you
So Angela, how do you like the neighborhood so far?
Well I just moved in a week ago but...
everybody I met so far has been very friendly
How long have you lived here?
oh about five years or so...
We chose this neighborhood because it's close to my office
and there were a couple of schools close by for Carter
You know I used to teach at Glenview just around the corner
up until I retired
Oh really? That's where Carter goes!
What a small world, isn't it Carter?
I guess
Angela, Carter's been really struggling with his grades lately
and with my schedule I just don't have the time to help him
I'm just wondering... do you do any part-time tutoring?
Mom! What's with you?
She just moved in!
Don't start bothering already!
It's not like I'm failing anything
Oh you don't have to worry about me young man
It'd be my pleasure to teach you a lesson or two
It would be no trouble at all.
In exchange, perhaps Carter could help me around the house with a few things
This move has taken a toll on my old bones!
Oh that's wonderful!
Thanks so much Angela!
You're very welcome.
Hello Carter
Come in.
We can sit in the dining room. Follow me.
Look. I'm only here because my mom is forcing me to
and if you think that I owe you anything
for not ratting me out last time
You may be a bully in the street but you're in my house now!
So you're gonna play by my rules and show some respect!
Or what ?
Or if you prefer
I'll tell your parents everything that went down the other day at the bus stop
I'm sure your teachers would love to hear that story too.
Okay, fine... whatever
Okay, fine...Mrs Wellington
Okay, fine...Mrs. Wellington
You see those boxes over there? I want you to move them upstairs for me
This isn't tutoring
I'm the teacher. You're the student.
You don't get to question my teaching methods.
Lift with your knees, not your back!
Mrs. Wellington, I'm done for today I gonna head out now.
Thank You Carter
Is that your father? I haven't seen him around. Is he working out of town?
You should ask him that yourself.
Oh, I'm sorry Carter
I didn't mean to upset you. I was just curious. You never mentioned him.
He's gone, all right... and he's never coming back.
I don't want to talk about this anymore!
Can I go now?
See you tomorrow, Carter.
Carter, are you finished yet?
Uh, yeah.
Carter, this is a classic.
You just state the facts but don't give your take on it.
You need to develop your ideas.
You need to immerse yourself in the story.
But I don't see any of your creativity in this writing!
Because this book's boring.
It's important to be open minded in life, you know.
You don't want to just gloss over your life like you did this book,
you miss out on so much.
Perhaps, you'll find this more inspiring.
what if I asked you to do your assignment on this instead?
This is an original...
and... it's mint!
Where did you get this?
Well, my husband Harold collected comics...
Collecting them since he was your age
There are boxes and boxes upstairs.
Personally, I don't see what's so great about them...
...but if it will help you with your writing.
Have you ever read one before?
Actually, no. Couldn't get past a couple of pages.
Just never appealed to me.
Looks like you just gave yourself some homework
Cause you're gonna have to read it too.
I suppose I will.
And remember it's important to be open-minded in life
you can miss out on so much!
Ah, so you were actually listening to something I said.
So we have a deal then?
You come back Friday with your report and I'll review it
after I finish reading the comic.
This is a lot better.
In fact, what you wrote helped me understand the nuances of the storylines.
You can actually do a good job if you put your mind to it.
So, did you like the comic?
It wasn't as bad as I expected.
In fact...
Beat your crappy classics hands down!
I don't think I'd go that far.
But I will admit I did enjoy the part where he discovered his superpowers.
That was the best part!
Uh, mrs. Wellington..
Do you think I could see some more of your husband's comics?
Follow me
Those were my husband's favourites!
You can borrow them if you want.
Yes, but bring them back.
I might want to read a few myself.
Okay, thanks.
Besides, if something were to happen to them,
Harold would come back and haunt you!
This is a first copy!
Hey man, what gives?
Hey, look!
It's that old hag from last time!
Wanna go say hi?
Her again...
I knew that old people smell had to be coming from somewhere!
Yo, let's go.
Whatever... loser.

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