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Claire's birthday message for mommy
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This cute little girl is missing her mummy, especially on her birthday, so she records a video to send to her. Being a toddler she speaks with that baby talk which is kind of difficult to understand, but at the same time so cute (did I say "cute" already?). So enjoy Claire's message to her mummy.

CUTE= /kju:t/ Beautiful, delightful, pretty, attractive, lovable... especially referring to a small person or animal. See images of cute "things" here. You can also have a cute woman or even a cute man if you find them pretty and sexually atractive but in a lovable way. A cute person is A CUTIE /kju:tɪ/.

Hi mummy! Hi mummy, I just want to say happy birthday!
I want you to know that you're the greatest mummy!
I love you so much.

There's a lot of reasons why... why I love you:
- Number 1: You are beautiful.
- Number 2: You are amazing.
- Number 3: You're the best mummy ever.
- Number 4... number 4... Four... you're the best cook.

I love being with you. You work so hard, and I miss you when you're gone.

Are you ready?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear mummy
Happy birthday to you

I love you

MUMMY= In British English you spell "mummy" and in AmE you spell "mommy", but the sound is the same, that's why you need to spell it differently in both accents because the sound /ʌ/ in BrE (spelt with a U) is spelt with an O in AmE.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW= The verb WANT (and some others) is followed by an infinitive with to, but if we need to introduce a second subject, that second subject will be an object pronoun:
- I want to dance (I want, I dance)
- I want him to dance (I want, he dances)
- I want us to leave
- I want you to go

AMAZING= /əmzɪŋ/ Fantastic, wonderful, great.

THE BEST MUMMY EVER= Using EVER with a superlative is a way to make it sound even more superlative, since it literally means that it is not only the most of what it is, but also the most of what has ever existed:
- This is the tallest tower = there is no tower taller than this
- This is the tallest tower ever = There has never existed a tower taller than this!
- Thank you, you're the best friend ever! (this is simply an exaggeration to emphasize that I think you are a very good friend)

COOK= /kʊk/  A cook is a person who cooks, a COOKER is a domestic appliance in the kitchen where you heat food to cook (usually coming with an oven) or also a kind of pot with programming functions or a cooking robot (see picture of a cooker)



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