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Balls of Lightning! (Strangest Weather On…)
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Lyons, Colorado - Some mountain partygoers witness a bizarre glowing orb in the distance. But this strange sight isn't a UFO, it's only ball lightning. Watch weather get weird on Strangest Weather on Earth.

Lyons, Colorado. June 2001. Is it a firefly? Is it a plain? Is it a UFO?

There were two really bright lightning bolts, when right in the middle, for about 10 seconds we saw this glowing ball of light. We- we never seen anything like that.

It seems to be a rare and mysterious phenomenon called bolt lightning.

Nobody knows what bold lightning is. I mean, understanding normal lightning is difficult enough, but bold lightning is something entirely different.

Yet, it has been seen by thousands of people all over the world. And their descriptions are strikingly consistent.

Most people describe bolt light-lightning as being about the same size and brightness as a 60 watt light bulb. So suppose you're sitting in your living-room and there's a thunderstorm outside. You look out your window and you see this, floating along outside your window. You then see it comes through the glass into your living-room, approaches you and then suddenly, either exploding or quietly, disappears. That's how people describe bolt lightning.


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