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British Airways and Pam Ann
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This is Pam's first day as a flight attendant on a plane. But things are not so easy. Anyway, I think a flight with her would be damn funny. I just would hate having her piloting the plain, though.

There are a few words I can't understan, any nice guys out there willing to help? I'd appreciate your comments.

BTY, did you notice that PAM ANN is an anagram for PAN AM? (the American airways). Naughty, aren't they.

- Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard. Ok, Pam, would you like to try the on-board announcement?
- Can I? Where are we flying to again?
- Rome, Pam, we’re flying to Rome.
- Ciao, bellissima, bene, bene. Arrivederci...
- Ok Pam, thank you. I’ll take you from here. Thank you.
- I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, it’s Pam’s first day today. Excusi signora...
- Take the life jacket out of its container located underneath your seat and pull it over your head. ++++ around your waist and tight them securely in a double bow upside. To inflate, pull the red tab.
- Sorry.
- Do not inflate your life jacket until you’re outside of the aircraft.
- Oh, Pam, I’m just gonna go and get some more water.
- You for coffee? You for coffee? You for coffee?
- Excusi, tomato juice.
- Maybe it would be better if you helped her ++++.
- Bye-bye. Thank you very much. Bye-bye. Thank you very much, sir. Bye-bye. Bye-bye, thanks very much.  I’m really sorry but you haven’t quite got what it takes to be ++++ as cabin crew.
- Well, that’s your ++++. Well, actually, I didn’t want your job anyway.

There’s a reason why our cabin crew goes through over 1200 hours of training.


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