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Ironman vs Batman
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Are superheroes supposed to fight the evil guys or each other? Well, Iron Man and Batman don't seem to get along too well. Or maybe it's their companies who are rivals. Some guy figured this conversation out.

- Hi! I’m Iron Man.
- I’m Batman.
- I’m a Marvel.
- I’m Batman.
- Good for you! My origin movie was a critical and commercial success.
- So was mine.
- With a director who wanted to ground it in realism.
- So did mine.
- But aside from that, our films were very different.
- Very!
- My movie was designed to make you forget the hero was also a jerk.
- My movie was designed to make you forget about Joel Schumacher.
- In my next movie, Rhodey will become War Machine.
- In my next movie, Katie Holmes will become Maggie Gyllenhaal.
- I tried to redeem myself after a near-death experience.
- I try to redeem myself by giving near-death experiences. Unlike some people who just give death experiences.
- Oh, do I detect a note of bitterness about my origin movie outcrossing yours? Seriously, Bruce, the market has spoken. I can’t help it if people love me.
- Oh yea. A guy gets to live a hedonistic life-style until the age of 43, builds himself a giant toy to feel better about himself, and then fights crime, all in the name of... his name. Yea, that is "hero" written all over it.
- Oh, and what toys do you use to fight crime? A rope with a hook on the end of it? Boomerangs shaped like bats? I mean, yea, you gotta bat-mobile, bat-plane, bat-boat, but, ha, you got it all right here, one stop shopping.
- Did you just compared yourself to Wall Mart?
- All I’m saying is we both fight crime with technology, we use it differently but we’re pretty much the same.
- Yea, I guess we do match up evenly. By the way, when do you find the time to master detective skills, criminology and every fighting style known to man. In between visits to the Playboy mansion?
- Well, forgive me if my idea of fun doesn’t involve feeling around for a light switch in a dark cave!
- No, you do plenty of feeling around on your own.
- Wo, Bruce! What’s got into you?
- Yea, Tony, this is no way for a hero to act.
- This won’t solve anything.
- There’s always a better way.
- Let’s do it right.
- And take the high road.
- Am I right?
- Come on! What do you say?
- Here, hold this.
- What?
- Whoooah
- Here, hold this.
- Hold what?
- Aaaah
- I like your style.
- I like your moves.
- Maybe we CAN see eye to eye on a few things.
- Come on, Bruce, let me buy you a drink.
- Why not.
- So, what are we drinking.
- Water.
- Yeah, right, that’s goo- ... Seriously?
- Hi, I’m a Marvel
- And I’m the Joker.
- Well, can’t argue with that logic, I’ll see you later

Iron Man is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character’s name is Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark. After suffering a severe heart injury and being kidnapped, was forced to build a devastating weapon. He instead created a suit of power armour to save his life and help protect the world as the superhero Iron Man. He is a wealthy industrialist and genius inventor whose metal suit is laden with technological devices that enable him to fight crime.

Batman is... well, you know, Batman.

Iron Man is from the company "Marvel" (Marvel Comics) and Batman is from the company "DCC" (DC Comics), two rival comics companies.

VS= abbreviation for VERSUS, a word from Latin which means AGAINST, so in a football match we can say that it's playing "Real Madrid vs Barcelona"

I’M A MARVEL= I’m a character created by the comics company Marvel

GOOD FOR YOU!= in this context this expression is ironic and means "who cares?", or "you just said something stupid". (In other situations this expression can be positive and mean "congratulations, you did great")

MY ORIGIN MOVIE= the film where I come from, where I appear.

IT WAS A CRITICAL SUCCESS= the critics about my movie were very positive.

A COMMERCIAL SUCCESS= the movie collected a lot of money because many people went to the cinema to watch it

SO WAS MINE / SO DID MINE= mine too. This construction consists of:
SO + the auxiliary verb from the other sentence + The Subject. Example:
- Tom is English - So am I (= me too)
- Kevin likes squash - So does Susan (=Susan likes squash too)
The negative will use NEITHER:
- I don t like this - Neither do I (=me neither, I don’t like it)

ASIDE FROM THAT= apart from that

A JERK= a stupid person

JOEL SCHUMACHER= the director of the previous film "Batman Forever" (1995)

RHODEY= James Rhodes, a character from the movie who is Iron Man's personal pilot of extraordinary skill and daring, and also his best friend. He later becomes a superhero too, called "War Machine", same as Edward Stark is called "Iron Man".

KATIE HOLMES= In the present movie, "Batman Begins" (2005), there is a female character called Rachell Dawes played by the actress Katie Holmes, but in the sequel to this film (the second part), that character will be played by a different actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

REDEEM= if you redeem yourself, you do something to make you a better person after having done something bad.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE= an experience some people have when they are clinically death, but then they come back to life.

UNLIKE= differently to

A NOTE OF BITTERNESS= a little bit of anger and resentment.

OUT-CROSSING= crossing out, shadowing being much better than. In this context it means "being more successful".

I CAN’T HELP IT= there’s nothing I can do about it.

HEDONISTIC= full of pleasure

GIANT= very big, huge

THAT IS "HERO" WRITTEN ALL OVER IT= all those things confirm that you are a hero (he’s being ironical, so he means just the contrary).

SHAPED LIKE BATS= in the shape of a bat, having that appearance. A bat is an animal who is a mammal but can fly. (vampires are a variety of bats)

YOU GOTTA...= you’ve got a...

BAT-MOBILE= an automobile in the shape of a bat (more or less)

ONE STOP SHOPPING= everything is in the same place, you don't have to go to different places to find all those things. Iron Man means that he's got all his equipment on his own body (the metallic suit of armour), while Batman uses many different things which are in different places, so he needs to go and find them.

WALL MART= an American discount chain of Department Stores.

PRETTY MUCH THE SAME= basically the same

I GUESS= I suppose, I think

WE DO MATCH UP= here, DO is emphasizing the affirmative verb (= really). "Match up" means "be similar".

EVENLY= at the same level, no one is better or "higher" than the other one.

BY THE WAY= we use this expression when we want to change the subject of the conversation and talk about something a bit or a lot different.

TO MASTER= to do something really well, like an expert.

SKILLS= abilities

PLAYBOY= a rich man who spends most of his time spending money and enjoying himself.

MANSION= a very big and rich house

FEEL AROUND for something= when you can’t see and you want to find something, you extend your arms and touch around you to find what you’re looking for.

A LIGHT SWITCH= the connector on the wall to turn the light on and off.

PLENTY OF= a lot of (more than needed)

ON YOUR OWN= alone, with no company or without help

WHAT’S GOT INTO YOU?= what’s your problem? How can you behave so stupidly?

TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD= to do the right thing, what is morally correct.

HOLD THIS= take this in your hand

TO SEE EYE TO EYE= to have the same opinion, the same idea.


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