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Before Time and Space - The Big Bang (National Geographic)
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No explosion beats the Big Bang -- even if it was completely silent. A National Geographic documentary.

For us to exist, which we do, there has to be something that wasn't created, thus has no origin. You can call this "Thing" God, you can call it the beginning of everything, you can call it an exceptional particle, it's up to you. So far, science has gone back until the Big-Bang, stating that before the Big-Bang the universe was compressed to a point the size of a particle and then, suddenly, something ("something"?) caused it to explode and expand. For that particle to explode, it is necessary to have something interacting with it, something able to change its condition. Scientists call this "singularity" (which is something outside the scope of scientific study), philosophers and religions call it God.

It must also be argued that this particle/thing/god could not have always existed but just EXISTS. To say that it always existed implies the existence of TIME which is impossible. It is impossible to go back forever as we would never reach the present. Therefore whatever 'created' the conditions that now exist, did so in an environment that was without 'time', however difficult that is for us to comprehend.

There are powerful forces at work in the universe. From man-made explosions to Mother Nature's devastating destruction, to epic blasts of unbelievable cosmic power.  All of them reveal a universe of lurking perils, like exploding stars, apocalyptic asteroid impacts and invisible jets of radiation streaming across the universe.
The cosmos is a place of ever-present danger. But what's amazing is that in the entire universe, nothing is more powerful than the colossal explosion that created it all: The Big Bang.
The Big Bang is an amazingly difficult thing to wrap your brain around, which isn't surprising when you're trying to think about the universe being smaller than the head of a pin. Actually, smaller than an atom. About as small as the proton at the centre of an atom.
Whatever the universe was at the very beginning, some 13.7 billion years ago, we think it was tiny. An infinitesimal nugget of space. And then something happened, triggering the most colossal explosion in history.

In a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second, the universe grew from the size of that tiny point to something billions of miles across. This colossal blast created everything. All the matter we see in the universe today. And it did all this, without even making a sound.
When one sees the Big Bang portrayed in a film, there's always a big “bang”. A noise. Of course that's silly because sound doesn't propagate in space. But what's often overlooked is that the Big Bang is not just an explosion that happened at some moment in time at some point in space. It was not just an explosion of material into an empty universe that was sitting there waiting to be filled. It was the explosion of space and time into existence, to begin with.
And that's what trips most of us up. Before the Big Bang, there was nothing. Literally nothing.  And the black void of space is something. So is time. They ask what's before the Big Bang. What's before there is time, is really a meaningless question. And likewise, to ask where the Big Bang occurred, is meaningless, because there was no space.

AT WORK= Working, operating.

MAN-MADE= Produced by humans, as opposed to something natural produced by nature.

Mother Nature= Nature. We use this expression when we think of nature as the system that makes our life possible and provides for everything we need, so it’s like a mother to us.

DEVASTATING= Having a catastrophic effect, very destructive.

EPIC= Totally extraordinary.

BLAST= Explosion.

UNBELIEVABLE= Impossible or very difficult to believe.

LURKING= If something is lurking it is somewhere hidden, unnoticed or difficult to see, but it is there and it is dangerous.

PERILS= (formal) Dangers.

LIKE= Such as, for example…

APOCALYPTIC= The Apocalypse is the last book of the Bible (also called Revelation) and describes the end of the present world, so the adjective “apocalyptic” is used to talk about an immense destruction.

JETS= A high-velocity fluid stream forced under pressure.

STREAMING= To stream is to flow continuously, like a river, non-stop.

COSMOS= Universe (adjective: cosmic)

EVER-PRESENT= If something is “ever-present”, it is always there, it is always present.

IT ALL= We don’t usually use ALL as a direct object, we prefer the phrase IT ALL or EVERYTHING. We prefer “everything” when we are thinking of a plural concept (many things) and we prefer “it all” when we are thinking of a whole group.
- Tell me everything
- I like it all
- He broke everything in the room and then he made a big fire and burnt it all.

BANG= A strong and sharp sound, like the one made by a gun shooting.

If you wrap a present with paper, you put paper around it, covering it completely. The brain is the grey mass inside the head which many people use to think. As a metaphor, to wrap your brain around something is when you can completely understand it.

THE HEAD OF A PIN= The top flat/rounded end of a pin, as opposed to the other pointy end (see picture of a pin)

ACTUALLY= In reality, as a matter of fact.

PROTON= Atoms are made of smaller particles. Electrons are tiny particles of energy (no mass) orbiting around the nucleus, which is made of two particles with mass: protons and neutrons, which are themselves made up of smaller particles (quarks, etc.)

SOME 13.7= About 13.7, more or less.

TINY= Very very small.

INFINITESIMAL= Very very very very very very small.

NUGGET= A small compact portion.

TRIGGERING= To trigger is to cause an event to start.

COLOSSAL= Really huge, incredibly immense, megamongusly extra big.

A BILLIONTH= one divided by 10,000,000
1/2 a half, 1/3 a third, 1/4 a quarter, 1/5 a fifth, 1/10 a tenth, 1/22 a twenty-second, 1/100 a centesimal / a hundredth, 1/1000 a millesimal / a thousandth, 1/1,000,000 a millionth, 1/10,000,000 a billionth.

ACROSS= In diameter. If something is X meters across, that is the distance between its two most distant points.

MATTER= Everything that is solid and you can see and touch (more or less), as opposed to spiritual things or energy.

PORTRAYED= Represented.

PROPAGATE= Transmits, extends.

OVERLOOKED= If you overlook some information, you ignore it, either intentionally or unintentionally.

TRIPS UP= (figurative) Confuses, deceives, tricks.

VOID= Emptiness.

SO IS TIME= Time is that thing too (in this context it means: Time is something too).

MEANINGLESS= With no meaning, absurd.

LIKEWISE= In the same way, for the same reason.

OCURRED= (formal) Happened.


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