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Lost Worlds: Jesus' Jerusalem (The History Channel)
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Jerusalem. For Christians the most important events in history took place here. The Bible says this is the city where Jesus lived His last days and was crucified. What happened here changed the world. Over 2000 years the city too has changed. Destroyed and reconstructed over 20 times in as many centuries. Only fragments, traces and ruins remain of the Jerusalem that Jesus would have known. Now building on decades of research with state of the art 3D graphic modelling we can reveal what it would have looked like to Him. The streets and gateways through which He would have walked, the complex water system which kept this desert city from thirst, the pools where some say Jesus performed miracles. The Temple complex, the heart of the city and of the Jewish faith, where Jesus taught and prayed, an extraordinary piece of engineering that was razed to the ground almost as soon as it was completed. We will reveal the lost world of the Gospels, Jesus’ Jerusalem.



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