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Carol in Spain 2 (Little Britain)
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"Little Britain" is a humour TV series. In this chapter, Carol Beer is working in Spain as a travel agent representative in the Balearic Islands for a group of British tourists. But she doesn't seem to be too interested in her job, as usual.


After a Continental breakfast to fizzy fruit, sweaty cheese and some other stuff you don't know what it is, Jerry and Evelyn are off to see their holyday rep.
- Good morning. Now we're...
- It's not nine o'clock yet, I haven't started work.
- Sorry... Right. Uh, well, we thought it might be rather nice to book an excursion
- You're a bit late. Most people booked theirs last night
- Well, if you hadn't driven off without us...
- Are there any tickets available for the concert in the square tonight?
- Computer says No...
- What about the boat trip, any places left on the boat trip?
- There's one place left. Would you be prepared to swim alongside?
- I'm not a very strong swimmer
- Naaaah...
- What about the monastery?
- There's a lot of steps
- Oh, well
- You're quite old. I don't want you dropping down dead on me
- Well, that's very thoughtful of you
- Are there any trips still available?
- Legoland Windsor
- Is there anyone you could call?
- I could try the Spanish rep, see if there's any cancellations

- She must be busy
- ¿Si?
- ¿Tuvo alguna cancellation por una de las excursions?
- La camputadore dice que no

CONTINENTAL= (UK English) Related to the countries in mainland Europe (not the islands). Continental is often used to mean European (excluding the British). CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST is a light breakfast, usually just milk and cereals, maybe with a croissant, juice and fruit. BRITISH BREAKFAST is much stronger and usually consists of bacon and eggs, sausages, tea and maybe more things. Contrary to popular belief, today most people in England have Continental breakfast.

FIZZY FRUIT= This is a trademark (like Coca-Cola, etc.). It's a beverage with bubbles.

SWEATY CHEESE= A kind of cheese that looks oily (like when you sweat).

STUFF= Things.

ARE OFF TO...= Go to...

RATHER= Quite; very.

TO BOOK= To reserve.

AVAILABLE= If something is available you can still use it.

ALONGSIDE= To the side, by the side.

NAAAAH= (coll.) No.

STEPS= Every little part making up a flight of stairs.

DROPPING DOWN DEAD= If you drop down dead you suddenly die (and fall down). To DROP is to collapse, to fall down, to let fall.

THAT'S VERY THOUGHTFUL OF YOU= You show a great respect with what you say (here it is ironic).

LEGOLAND WINDSOR= A Lego theme park in the city of Windsor, England.

BUSY= /bɪzɪ/

¿Sí? = (Spanish) Yes?

¿Tuvo alguna cancellation por una de las excursions? = (Spanglish) Did you have any cancellations for one of the excursions?

La computadore dice que no = (Spanghils) = The computer says no


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