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Coronavirus | How to wash your hands (Babylon Health)
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Instructions to wash your hands properly in times of pandemia.

Wet your hands with water.
Apply soap.
Rub your hand palm to palm,
And wash the back of both hands and in between your fingers.
Then palm to palm with fingers interlocked.
Clasp your hands together and rub.
And then clean around your thumbs too.
Rub your fingertips in the palms of your hands,
and finish off with the wrists.
Rinse your hands really well with water,
and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel.
Use the towel to turn off the tap.
Your hands are now clean!

WET= Cover with a liquid, such as water.

RUB= Apply friction.

PALM= /pɑ:m/ The inner side of your hand.

INTERLOCK= To interconnect closely by clasping parts. In this case, interlocking fingers means to cross them so the fingers of one hand fit into the spaces between the fingers of the other hand.

CLASP= Join together firmly.

FINISH OFF= To come to the end of a process or procedure.

WRISTS= The part that joins your hands to your arm.

RINSE= To wash with clean water.

THOROUGHLY= ʌrəlɪ/ Completely, totally.


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