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I love my hair (Sesame Street)
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Sesame Street encourages black girls to appreciate their natural hair with a catchy new tune called "I Love My Hair". Donning a variety of different hairstyles, the adorable Muppet sings that "my hair is a part of me, an awesome part of me"

Learn some vocabulary about hairstyles.

Don't need a trip to the beauty shop
'Cause I love what I got on top
It’s curly and it's brown
And it's right up there
You know what I love
That’s right. My hair!
I really love my hair

I love my hair. I love my hair
There's nothing else that can compare with my hair
I love my hair
So I must declare
I really really really love my hair

Wear a clippy or in a bow
Or let it sit in an afro
My hair looks good in a cornrow
It does so many things you know
That's why I let it grow

I love my hair.  I love my hair
I love it and I have to share
I love my hair.  I love my hair
I want to make the world aware I love my hair

I wear it up.  I wear it down  
I wear it twisted all around
I wear braids and pigtails too
I love all the things my hair can do
In barrettes or flying free  
Ever perfect tresses you'll see
My hair is part of me
An awesome part of me

I really LOVE MY HAIR!
I love my hair.

Vocabulary from the song about kinds of hair (click on the words to see):

Curly, afro, in a cornrow, braids, pigtails, flying free, tresses.

For decoration we may find barrettes, bows, clips.

GOT= (AmE) have.

DECLARE= To say formally.

CLIPPY= (kiddy language) hair clip.

SIT IN= If you let something sit in, you let it rest, without doing anything with it.

MAKE THE WORLD AWARE= (formal) let everyboy know, tell everybody.

EVER= Always

AWESOME= /ɔ:səm/ great, fantastic.


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