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Everything that will Kill You... From A to Z (CollegeHumor)
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In life you have choices they help here not and sometimes it’s tricky to choose what you are. So if you are wondering what makes you ill it’s easy to know because everything will.

In life you have choices, some healthy, some not.
Sometimes it's tricky to choose what you ought.
So if you are wondering what makes you ill,
it's easy to know because everything will.

A is for alcohol, source of addiction,
liver disease and other afflictions.
So how 'bout water, that might be okay,
but if it's in plastic there's B for B.P.A

C is for corn syrup soda pop uses,
and also for carbs found in sugary juices.
D, dehydration, you still have to drink,
though all these beverages
seem like they stink.

Eating too little, or too much to count,
E is for eating in perfect amounts,
and eating some things that you shouldn't consume,
cause dozens of dishes will lead to your doom.

F is for fried food that's filled up with fat.
Gluten for G if you buy into that.
He is for hot dogs, who knows how they're made.
I for insecticide, veggies are sprayed.

J is for jerky with way too much salt.
K is for kale, it’s also at fault.
But isn't it healthy? I'm glad that you ask.

and kale make thyroids too fast.
"Forget about eating, I'll just go outside."
But that is where even more dangers can hide.

L is for Lyme disease, carried by ticks.
M is for malaria that mosquitos inflict.
N is for N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET in bug spray).
It kills all the bugs, and it kills your insides.

O is for oxygen less recreation.
P for pollution in each inhalation.
Q is for quicksilver, fishing is wrecked.
R, deadly radon that's hard to detect.

S is for sunscreen, but also the sun.
Both give you cancer, now isn't that fun?

T for tobacco
U V for UV
W for watching way too much T.V.
X as expected, is X-Ray

Y is surprisingly Yerba mate
Z is for zealotry, any insurance that you found the key to eternal

You can't avoid
danger, just go on and try.
No matter you're actions,
you're still going to die.

TRICKY= Difficult, complicated

OUGHT= Should.

LIVER= An inner organ inside our body that purifies our blood. I may be damaged by an excess of alcohol.

DISEASE= Illness.


'BOUT= (coll.) About.

B.P.A.= It stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.

SODA POP= Soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc.)

CARBS= Carbohydrates (a kind of nutrient that gives you energy but also makes you fat).

SUGARY= Containing a lot of sugar.

DEHYDRATION= A problem your body suffers when it doesn't get enough water.


STINK= (coll.) If something stinks, it is terrible, horrible.

DOZENS OF= Lots of.

YOUR DOOM= Your death. In Christianity and other religions, Doom's Day is the Day of the Final Judgment, when God will punish the evil people and reward the good ones.

IF YOU BUY INTO THAT= (coll.) If you believe those things.

VEGGIES= (coll.) Vegetables.

JERKY= Lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried to prevent spoilage.

CABBAGE= A kind of vegetable.

KALE= A kind of green cabbage.

LYME DISEASE= An infectious disease spread by ticks.

TICKS= A tick is a parasite.

BUGS= Insects; little animals.

YOUR INSIDES= The inner organs inside your body.

INHALATION= The act of breathing in, or the amount of air you take when breathing in.

QUICKSILVER= Mercury, a very poisonous mineral.

RADON= A radioactive mineral.

WAY TOO MUCH= Too too much.

YERBA MATE= The plant used to make an infusion called "mate", very consumed in some South American countries such as Argentina.

ZEALOTRY= Excessive zeal; fanaticism.

YOU CAN'T AVOID= If you can't avoid something, you can do nothing to stop it from happening.


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