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M&S 2016 Christmas Ad (M&S)

Meet Mrs Claus - the new Christmas icon is here. Marks and Spencer launches the Christmas 2016 TV Advert campaign with a modern twist on the much-loved character Mrs Claus.
A commercial directed by Tom Hooper.

Hot tea
Cheese and pickle
Keep away from those mince pies
Any last minute requests?
Oh no, just bills
Fly safe
Don't forget Australia!
I won't
Easily done
Rudolph, harrr!
Dear Mrs Claus
My name is Jake and I am 6 years old
Jake! Stop taking my things!
I've a big sister called Anna who is tall and sometimes angry
Get out!
I also have a dog called Tiger who loves eating things
Kill Tiger kill!
Jake stop! Stop!
I'm sorry
This Christmas, I need your help because I want something and I know you can get it for me
Tiger, shhh!
Did you?
Don't look at me!
Alright come on!
To Anna,
Jake wanted you to have this
With love
Mrs Claus
Oh! Jake!
Oh thank you so much Jake!
You might think I don't like my sister very much but, I do
I love her a lot
And I want her to be happy at Christmas
Love Jake
Age 6, but 7 in 2 weeks
Merry Christmas
How was your night?
Oh you know, quiet
How did that get there?
It wouldn't be fun if you knew all my secrets

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