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Facts about Christmas: Who is Santa Claus? (Let's Talk) (India)
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St. Nicholas was a monk in Turkey. He distributed all his inherited wealth to the needy people. One of his most common stories exhibits his kindness and generosity. St. Nicholas had saved three poor sisters from being sold into prostitution and slavery by their father as he couldn't provide for dowry and get them married. He gave the father money to get the girls married. Eventually, St. Nicholas died on 6th December which is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day. As it is celebrated in the month of Christmas, it is now associated with Christmas and that is why people gift the poor and needy people.

Sinter Kallas : Santa Claus got his name from a Dutch nick name-Sinter Kalas. So Sinter Kallas evolved into Santa Claus.

Why Red: There's no religious reasons for Santa wearing red. In 1930s, Coca-Cola hired an artist Haddon Sandblom. They ran an advertisement campaign for 30 years where they had this Stout man with a beard, wearing a red coat with white fur, red trousers and a thick black belt, sitting and enjoying his drink. This cemented the image of Santa in red.

North pole : It is believed Santa lives in the North pole where the temparature is extremely low.

Gift : Santa is known for giving gifts to children. He has his workshop where the elves(dwarf like people) manufacture toys.

Sleigh and Reindeer : Santa travels on his sleigh. It's a carriage. He has eight reindeer that pull his sleigh. Rudolf is a reindeer who has a red nose.

Some funny questions you would like to ask your friends at your christmas party :

1. Should Santa go on a diet?
Well, what do you think? Can you imagine him living on soups and salads and being skinny? Wouldn't Santa lose his charm?

2. Does Santa have a girlfriend?
What would his girl be like? Someone skinny, beautiful and smart? Or may be someone who is chubby and charming? What kind of girl would Santa like to date?

3. What does Santa do the entire year?
As far as i know, he manufactures toys at his workshop. But may be he's busy taking his girlfriend around.

4. Does Santa use an i-pad?
Imagine Santa with an i-pad! What would he do? Play angry birds? May be he updates his status on facebook all the time. I would like to know the number of friends he has on facebook or how many follow him on twitter.


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