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Fast food folk song (at the Taco Bell drive-thru) (Rhett & Link)
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These guys order some Mexican food... by singing. After recording the video they said:

Yes! the guy's reaction is totally authentic. He had no idea we were coming, and he really got the order right (almost right). We couldn't believe it either, so we understand the questions....

- You all remember the drive-thru raps that everybody was doing a while back. We even did one.
- We even think it's high time to bring back the musical drive-thru order. But why not switch genres?
- What about a folk song?
- Hi, how are you?
- Pretty good, how are you?
- Doing good. What can I get for you today?

I'll start with a taco, soft like a cloud
I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud.
I'll choose a chalupa, I'll grab a gordita,
and two taco salads for our señoritas.
And a Burrito Supreme, with extra sour cream
It's a cylindrically shaped seasoned beef dream.
A taquito. Enchirito. Some cinnamon twists.
A chicken border bowl. Are you gettinʼ all this?

- Ha ha. Alright... soft taco...

And you know that nothing beats a
hmmm, mmmm...Mexican Pizza...
We'll take two of those, but please hold the diced tomatoes.
And I admit, I've always felt,
I'm in love with the meximelt.
Make mine with a little extra love, and think of me...
as the cheese drops from your Taco Bell glove.
and that's it.

No, no, no! That's not it...

I'll also want A double-decker taco
Cause I'm feeling wild
And make my sauce Fire. Uh, heʼll take mild.
and we'll take two Mountain Dew Baja blasts
for a chance at 25 dollars cash
I'm told there's a winner for every 5 minutes
But I'm stealing your online code if you win it.
Why would you do that? You owe me 25 bones
I owe you 5. Plus interest--it was a loan.
And I think we'll be satisfied, if we get some Mexican rice on the side.

- Yes sir. Would you care for something to drink?
- Yea, the Mountain Dew Baja blasts. Two of them.
- Oh, we've already got two large Baja... Ok, can we repeat the order back to you?
- Yea, go for it!
- Ok. Soft taco. A hard taco, a chalupa, a gordita, two taco salads for the ladies, a burrito supreme with extra salad with cream, a [TD extra potatoes (?)], enchirito, cinnamon twists, xxxx chicken bowler, two Mexican pizzas but holding tomatoes, double-decker taco, two large baja blasted. It's that alright? Is that correct, sir?
- Ha ha ha!
- You're pretty amazing!
- I think that's it!
- Ha, ha. 42.69 xxxxx
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Ha ha.
- How did that guy do that?
- Ha ha. Oh, my goodness!
- [gracias / precious (?)]
- Is this like a TV show or something?
- So now we have to actually purchase the food, I guess.

RIVE-THRU= A special service in many fast food restaurants where you can order your food from you car (driving through). You just get to a window or a intercom machine and you order your menu there. If you talked through the intercom (as on this video), you then drive till the window where they will give you the food you ordered. You take it and drive away with it. These drive-thru service is very popular in the States; most fast food restaurants have it.

A WHILE BACK= Some time ago (maybe a long time ago).

IT'S HIGH TIME= We use this phrase to mean that something should be done and that we have been waiting too long to do it, so this is the moment to do it! This expression is followed either by a past tense or an infinitive:
- It's high time you talked to her = you should talk to her, don't postpone it any longer.
- It's high time to have a rest = we should have a rest, we've been working for too long.
As you can see, we use the infinitive when we are talking about us or people in general, and we use the past tense (unreal past tense) when we are talking about a specific person.
- It's high time I had a rest.

ORDER= If you order food or drink in a bar or restaurant, you ask for it. Your order is the things you ask for, the food and/or drinks you're going to have.

GENRES= ɑ:ŋrəz/ A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, marked by a distinctive style, form, or content.

FOLK= /fəʊk/ traditional. Of course, the concept of "traditional" and "old" is very different from North America and other parts of the world. Folk music in the US may be a style created 60 years ago, whereas in Europe it would refer to a style of music dating back centuries.

PRETTY GOOD= Quite good; very well. The word PRETTY is commonly used in conversational English instead of "quite" or "rather".

DOING GOOD= A colloquial reply:
- How are you?  - I'm fine
- How are you doing?  - Doing good / Pretty good / Fine / Good, good. 

CRUNCHY= If something is crunchy, it makes a cracking sound when you eat it, for example, cereals for breakfast are crunchy when they're dry. That's why he added "I like to eat loud" (making noise).

GRAB= (coll) Have, take.

SEÑORITAS= Ladies (in Spanish)

BURRITO= /bʌri:ʀəʊ/ A kind of big taco with the tortilla /tɔ:ti:jə/ made with wheat instead of the usual corn (maiz). The original Spanish word "burrito" means literally "little donkey" (don't ask me why). In the south of the USA, wild donkeys are called "burros", which is the Spanish word for "donkeys".
For more information about Mexican food names, go to LINKS and check Taco Bell menu with pictures and explanations.

SOUR= /saʊə*/ bitter, of an acid flavour. The traditional sauce Chinese often use in their cuisine is called "sweet-and-sour", because it's a mixture of acid and sweet flavour.

ARE YOU GETTING ALL THIS?= Are you understanding and writing down all the things we are ordering?

NOTHING BEATS A MEXICAN PIZZA= There's nothing better than a Mexican pizza. To BEAT means to defeat, to win over.

DICED TOMATOES= Tomatoes cut into little cubes.

HOLD THE DICED TOMATOES= Don't put diced tomato on our pizzas. If you hold something, you keep it, you don't give it to others. Careful with the pronunciation: AmE /təmtəʊ/ and BrE /təmɑ:təʊ/

GLOVE= /glʌv/ a piece of clothing you put on your hands for warmth or protection (see picture).

THAT'S IT= We finished, there's no more.

DOUBLE-DECKER= With two layers or storeys. The typical red buses in London are "double-decker buses", because they have two floors.

I'M FEELING WILD= I want to try exciting things, unusual things or difficult things.

MILD= Mexican food uses chilly to make it hot. HOT may refer to temperature (not in this case) or to food which is very spicy and you feel like your mouth is burning when you eat it. So if you order Mexican food, you may want it very hot (with lots of chilly), hot or MILD (not very hot).

CASH= Real money that you can see (coins and banknotes), as opposed to cheques, credit cards, etc.

BONES= (coll. AmE) dollars.

LOAN= A loan is when the bank, or somebody lends you money but then you have to give it back.

WOULD YOU CARE FOR...?= (coll.) Do you like to have...?
We use this expression for invitations or just asking what you want:
- Do you care for a drink? = Do you want a drink?
- Would you care for another book? = Would you like another book?

GO FOR IT= (coll.) Go ahead, do it! It's a colloquial way of giving permission.

AMAZING= Fantastic, great, awesome.

GUY= (coll. esp. AmE) man, boy.

OH, MY GOODNESS= (it's nicer than saying) Oh my God!

...OR SOMETHING? = We add this at the end of a sentence when we are not sure of if what we said is true:
- She's a doctor or something = I think she's a doctor, but maybe she's a nurse or something similar, I'm not very sure.
- You want a drink or something? = Would you like to have a drink, or maybe something different, or maybe nothing?
- I need a beer or something = I want to have a drink. I'd like a beer but I don't mind if it's a different drink.

ACTUALLY= In reality, for real.


I GUESS= (coll.) I suppose.


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