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Five Ways to Dominate Your Child (MisterEpicMann)
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If you have problems trying to control your child, here are some funny tips that work. Oh yes, they do.


Hello. My name is Nick. But you probably know me as Misterepicmann. Or Shirley. But that's a story for another time. I joined YouTube back in 2009 with no real expectations other than to be myself on camera. Right now I am pursuing a degree in cinematic arts at college and I certainly hope to use that knowledge to make movies one day (Spitting water at my roommate and riding a broom around the room doesn't count...lolz). I currently own a company called Lost Light Films which is my primary focus after school and I hope I can merge my efforts into that company once school is completed...if I actually pass.


Hey, Jimmy. Come on out, we gotta take a picture for mummy.

Put it down.


5 Ways to dominate your child

#1 Scream your face off

Jimmy, stop eating.
Jimmy, stop eating!!

#2 Right to Bear Arms


#3 Tame the ADHD Beast

Jimmy, sit still.
Can't you sit still?!

#4 Nightmare

#5 Prevent Happiness

Jimmy, the lens cap is on.

GOTTA= (coll. AmE) Got to = Have got to, have to, must.


STOP EATING= The verb STOP + ing means to finish an activity, to stop. But when followed by infinitive with TO it means to finish what you are doing because you will start doing that new activity:
- It stopped raining (= now it is not raining anymore)
- Stop looking at me (= don't look at me)
- He stopped running to drink some water (= now he's not running because he is going to drink)
- He stopped to drink some water ( the same as before)
- He stopped drinking (he was drinking but now he is not)

RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS= The right to bear arms is when the law says you can carry a weapon (pistol, gun, etc) with you if you want.

TAME= To tame a wild animal is to train it somehow to make it mild and obedient.

ADHD= attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A child who is too active, never stopping, and never concentrating on anything, may have a ADHD.

BEAST= A wild animal.

STILL= (adjective) Not moving.

NIGHTMARE= A bad dream that terrifies you.

PREVENT= If you prevent something, you supress it, you don't let it happen.

LENS CAP= A black lid covering the camera lens to protect it when nobody is recording or taking pictures with it. The LENS is a circular piece of glass which filters and focuses the light getting to the camera to take pictures. If the lens cap is on, the lens is covered and no picture can be taken.

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