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Flying penguins (BBC)
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Do you think it is possible for penguins to fly? Can you always believe your eyes?

This recently discovered colony of penguins is unlike any other.

They don’t need to huddle together every winter for protection against the bitter cold, because these little fellas could do something no other penguins can.

Isn’t that amazing?

And how do they use this incredible ability?

Well, they fly thousands of miles through the rain forests of South America where they spend the winter basking in the tropical sun.

COLONY= A large group of animals that live together.

UNLIKE= Different from.

HUDDLE= To crowd together, as from cold or fear.

FELLAS= Fellows. A British colloquial word to refer to other people, specially males (= AmE guys).
- There's a fellow outside asking for you.

AMAZING= Fantastic.

RAIN FORESTS= Tropical forests.

BASKING= To expose oneself to pleasant warmth.


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