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Forgiveness... (Matthew West)
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Today, a prisoner is being set free. Meet Eric, the other side of the "Forgiveness" story. Get a tissue, open your heart, watch this video, and be reminded of the power of forgiveness.

Listen to Matthew West's song about this story: Forgiveness

Eric run over a young girl when he was 24, and drunk. The mother, Renée, got desperate but, as she said, he was jailed but she felt like the prisonner. When she decided to forgive him she finally felt free "and the healing began" for both of them. The singer Matthew West was moved by the story and composed a song.

Renée and 11 of her family members spoke to the jugde in Eric's behalf and the judge finally agreed to cut Eric's sentence in half and before the end of 2012 he was set free in more ways than one.


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