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Future Weather (trailer)
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A girl whose mother ran away. A world whose weather is changing. There's still time to repair the damage.

What are you reading?
An article that says that the build-up of carbon dioxide is killing off coral.
Are you going to the science club meeting, tomorrow?
I'm trying to read.

Biodiversity. You know what that is, right guys?
The number of plant and animal species in the ecosystem.

Mom, mom.
Huh, huh?
Mom, look what I've found.
Will you take my picture?

Well, if your mom forgets to come home tonight, you call me.
She's doing Mary Kay.
I know what she's doing, hon.
Lauduree. I thought your mom was picking you up.
I forgot she has to work on Thursdays.
Well, get into the car.

Sometimes it helps to have a camera in the field.

My mom ran away.
What do you mean?
I mean she packed up her stuff and drove away.

Where is your mother?
You better tell me what's going on, Lauduree , or I'm gonna find it out for myself.

You cannot live here on your own. That is it.
You grandma is very worried about you.
I can't stay with her.
Did something happened?

I'm not getting in that car. It's poison. You are poison!
Ed and I are moving.

So, how's that feeling?
What does it feel like?
It's like I have no future.

You are one of the sharpest kid that I ever met. What do you want to do?

I can't uproot her, again.

Endangered doesn't mean they're past the point of no return, right?


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