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Gen Z's be like... (Nikki Howard)
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A funny sketch about Generation Z.

- Okay that will be 55.28.
- Okay.
- Oh. Actually, our card reader's broken.
- Then why aren't you guys closed?
- Uh, I mean, you can still pay for stuff. You just can't use a card.
- I can still use ApplePay though, right?
- No. That… that uses the card reader and, like I said, the card reader's broken.
- So then, what am I supposed to do?
- We take cash.
- Like CashApp?
- No, like… like cash. Like physical, tangible cash. Like paper money.
- Like Monopoly money?
- No! Like change, like coins.
- Like a pirate?
- No!! Look, why don't you just call your mom or dad and have them come and pay for this? They know what cash is, right?
- My phone is dead. Do you have a charger? Can I use yours while mine charges?

- What is this?
- It's a phone.
- How do I work it?
- What do you mean? It works… It works like every other phone!
- Hey Siri, call mum.
- No it's not. It's. It doesn't have Siri.
- You just said it was like every other phone.
- Every other non-cell phone.
- I'm confused.
- Okay, you know what? just here, use my cell phone.
- Hey Siri, call Mom.
- No! Now you're calling my mom. Why would my cell phone have your mom's number in it? That doesn't make any sense! Just dial it!
- Oh. I don't know her number.
- You don't know your mother's phone number!?
- No.

- What are you doing? Stop doing that!
Okay, look, you can't just stand here and TikTok. Why don't I just put this on hold? Your phone can charge, you can call your mom, and then we can figure this out later.
- Great.
- Great, okay. I just need an address.
- Cool email, hum, but no. I need like a physical address.
No, dear God, no!
- I don't know what that means.
- Where do you live??
- You lost me.

- Oh thank God!
- Oh my God, finally!
Oh my God! There's a new TickTock trend!
- Do you, do you understand this is the problem with this entire Gen-Z thing? You don't know what cash is. Okay, you don't know your parents phone number, you don't know your address… that is insane! That's borderline unsafe! Okay, you guys literally don't know how to do anything!
- I beg to differ.
Aaand canceled. My 4.8 million followers are going to eat this up!!
- I   f- - -    hate this job.

Actually= /æktʃəlɪ/ Often used when we are going to contadict the listener or tell them we can't do what they want (or they can't do what they want).

Card reader= A hand machine to operate a credit card.

You guys= (coll., esp. AmE) Plural form of "you" (you are a doctor / you guys are doctors). Used both for men and women.

Stuff= (coll., esp. AmE) Things.

Applepay= An electronic way of paying using your Apple phone.

Though= Nevertheless (it is very commonly used at the end of the sentence in  conversation).

Like I said (AmE) = As I said (BrE)

Take= Accept.

Cash= Physical money: coins and banknotes (BrE) / bills (AmE).

Cashapp= Another electronic way of paying for things through your phone.

Tangible= Something physical, that you can touch.

Have them come= Make them come, ask them to come.

Dead= If a device is dead, it doesn't work because it has no batteries (or the batteries are dead, that is, they have no power).

Siri= A virtual assistant in Apple phones. You can talk to it and it can make some things for you. To activate this assistant you have to start an order by saying "Hey Siri" (it is the equivalent of "Alexa" in Amazon).

Cell Phone (AmE)= Mobile phone (BrE)

That doesn't make any sense= That's stupid, that's absurd, wrong, crazy.

TikTok= It is a social website similar to YouTube but using short videos. Here it is used as a verb. Whatever this girl is doing, it is something for TikTok (looks like she's recording a video but that's not possible because her phone's dead, so I don't understand what she is doing, maybe just immitating some TikTok fade to kill the time).

Put this on hold= Pause the operation.

Charge= To charge batteries is to fill them with electricity again.

Figure this out= Solve this problem; think of a solution.

You lost me= I don't understand you.

Gen-Z= Generation Z, people born between 1997 and 2012 (digital natives)

Insane= Crazy.

Borderline unsafe= Almost almost dangerous.

I beg to differ= I'm sorry but I don't agree.

Eat this up= love this.

Actually, I don't really understand the end. Looks like she was recording the whole incident and now she is sendig it to her TikTok followers, but then saying that her phone was dead was a lie? I don't know. If you do, please leave a comment.



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