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Hippie with a petition prank
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A funny prank where Steve tries to get strangers to sign ridiculous things. Very good for learning colloquial street language.

- Hi, I have a petition here if you wanna sign it.
- What is that?
- It's just- like it say's blank... so you'll be just signing and I'll be filling in stuff later.
- I don't know what you're signing- what I'm signing.
- Well, you just need signing right here where it says "sign here" and then... you know...
- A petition for what?
- Aah, you know, I'ma just figure out later, I don't really know yet but I just know that... I wanna
- No, I can't do that. I should know what I'm signing.
- You wanna sign a petition to help out the poor? I hereby transfer all my money to Steve...
- No.
- Ok.
- Unless you're gonna transfer it back to me.
- Oh, well, you- we- we can try that and see what happens.
- Hey, do you guys like dogs?
- Yes.
- Cool, you wanna sign a petition about how dogs are real cool and stuff? Just says they're real neat. Please, sign it. Awesome. (we got one)
- What organization are you?
- Oh, no organization, I just really think dogs are cool. I might cross out "neat" and write "cool". I think I'm gonna...
- You should have both, I think.
- You think so?
- Yeah, I think I would've still signed it.
- Dogs are real neat and cool.
- Yeah, they are.
- Ok.
- We have a petition to legalize it, if you wanna get it legalized?
- Legalize what?
- Polygamy. You know, we don't think people should be limited to like having one wife. They can have as many as they want.
- No, not in my book.
- Hey, do you like petitions? I have a petition. We want to legalize polygamy. Cool. Thank you. Good luck with your wives.
- I hereby declare that Steve is a great singer... petition.
- Who's Steve?
- Me. I'm Steve.
- Oh, Ok.
- I'm real good, yeah.
- Oh, ok.
- Oh my God, my husband's name is Steve and I hate him!
- What? You hate your husband?
- Yes, and he's a horrible singer.
- And I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky. Ok?
- You're good.
- Cool, thanks ma'am.
- You're welcome. Good luck to you.
- I like to sing songs, pretty songs.
- Good luck with it, man.
- Thanks, man. Cool. Maybe we'll sing a duet sometime or something.
- Hey, I can't sing, man. I can't sing.
- That's alright.
- I hereby transfer all my money to Steve. I'm Steve.
- Hi Steve.
- Oh, you know.
- Nice try.
- Hey, blame the guy for trying.
- If you're tired of people with petitions, I gotta petition to outlaw petitions. If- so-
- Well, that's redundant.
- Do you wanna sign a petition? or... Can I have a french fry?
- Sure.
- You've one french fry?
- Here you go, man.
- Oh, hey man, thanks. Cool. 
I've got some french fries from that cool dude. Yeah.
That guy was cool.

WANNA=(coll.) Want to.

LIKE= (coll.) It means "more or less; a bit" (e.g. it's like windy today), but it is very often used as a conversation filler, just to give you an extra second to think what you're going to say next, and then it means nothing (e.g. his name is like John Peterson). You can hear it used a lot here with that no-meaning.

BLANK= A blank piece of paper has nothing on it.

STUFF= (coll) Things.

YOU KNOW...= (conversational) We use this phrase a lot as a conversational filler, just to give us a couple of extra seconds to think what we're going to say (e.g. My wife is, you know, from a small town).

I'MA= (coll. AmE) I'm going to.

FIGURE OUT= Think about it; solve; find out.

HELP OUT= To help someone, especially by sharing the cost of something (paying them part of what they need).

HEREBY= (formal, a legal term) As a result of this document (e.g. I hereby declare that I am the rightful owner of this house).

TRANSFER= If you transfer money, you give your bank an order to take that money from your bank account and send it to somebody else's bank account.

AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS= We use this phrase when we are talking about an experiment. We don't know what is going to happen but we can try "and see what happens".

YOU GUYS= (coll. esp. AmE) The plural form of the personal pronoun YOU.
- You are nice, Tom (singular)
- You guys are nice. Come with me you three (plural form)

COOL= (coll.) Great, fantastic, nice. We also use it meaning nothing, just when we don't know what to say.
- This place is really cool (= nice, fantastic)
- You wanna come with me?   - Yes, sure   - Cool! (= great)
- Can I stay out a little longer, mum?  - No way!   - cool :(  (= x)

REAL COOL= (esp. AmE) Really, very.

AND STUFF= (coll.) Etc.

NEAT= (esp. BrE) cool, fantastic, nice.

AWESOME= /ɔ:səm/ Fantastic. In AmE it is also used in colloquial speech meaning "thanks".

CROSS OUT= When you write lines on a word or sentence that you don't want to be there, usually to rectify something or because now you don't want it to be written there.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

POLYGAMY= The situation by which a man can have more than one wife ("polyandry" is when a woman can have more than one husband)

MY BOOK= The Bible.

DUET= When two people sing together (a group of two people singing together is a "duo", and their song would be a "duet").

OR SOMETHING= (conversational) A phrase we add at the end of a sentence when we want to say that it is only a possibility (sometimes it is just a conversation filler, it means nothing).
- He's a doctor or something (= I think he's a doctor).
- We can go to a disco or something (= maybe you have a different idea?)
- Stay here and do your homework or something (= here it means nothing, of course you have no options)

NICE TRY= This is a consoling phrase we tell somebody who has failed.

BLAME THE GUY FOR TRYING= This is a consoling phrase we tell about ourselves when we have failed. It means "well, at least I tried". To BLAME someone is to think that they are responsible for something, it is their fault. GUY is colloquial for "man". After prepositions and conjunctions we use –ING.

GOTTA= (coll.) Have got to.

OUTLAW= To declare illegal.

REDUNDANT= A repetitive expression; not necessary.

FRENCH FRY= (AmE) chips (BrE): thin slices of fried potato.

HERE YOU GO= You can say this when you give something to someone. You can also say: here / here you are / there / there you are / there you go.

MAN= (esp. AmE) a colloquial way to address a man.
- Hi man, how are you?
- Don't touch that, man, are you crazy?
- Oh man, you're so stupid!
- See you later man!  - Yeah, cool.

DUDE= (coll. AmE) Man.

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