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Hot Rod
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Hilarious trailer from the movie Hot Rod.

- What's up, little riders?
- I'm jumping the public pool tomorrow. Tell your friends. That's just a sample.

- Good luck.
- Don't worry, Denise. I've done this before.

- So, what are you supposed to be?
- A stuntman.
- Woah...

- My safe word will be wHiskey.
- Don't you mean whiskey?
- WHat?
- I just don't get why you're saying it that way.
- WHy I'm saying wHat wHat way?
- Forget it.
- I Hwill. I Hwill forget it.
- Whoa, whiskey! Whiskey!
- Oh

- Hey, everybody. We have a new crew member today. Denise. So, I thought it'd be fun if we all went around and said something about ourselves. I like to party.
- I like to party.
- No, Dave. I just said that I party
- I like to party.
- No
- I like to party.
- Okay, nobody parties but me.
- Yeah, just Rod.
- Yes
- And me
- Sweet.
- Oh, my God. Shut up

This summer...

- Hey Rod, maybe you shouldn't fight Frank this week.
- Relax, Kev. I'm gonna win this time. I did, like, 40 crunches yesterday.
- Get ready to meet your maker. Oh, God!
- We hadn't even started yet!

- I just had a great idea.
- One big jump, gentlemen. The biggest jump this town's ever seen.
- Let's party!

- If I'm gonna jump 15 buses, my body's gonna have to be in top physical form.
- Did we reinforce the take-off ramp?
- Nah, we didn't have time.
- Cool.
- Oh

- I've already drafted a rough schedule of exercises that will help us take things to the next level.
- Oh
- Oh, Jesus
- Now?
- No, no, no, no, not now!
- Blow it now!

- You're a terrible stuntman!
- What?
- You're a terrible stuntman!
- I'm just kidding. I can hear you. It was just really mean.

From Paramount Pictures...

- Ladies and gentleman, it's a jump for the ages. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.
- He's going in circles!

Andy Samberg...

- Who wants to see me do a big-ass stunt?

Hot Rod...

- All great men have moustaches.
- Yeah, but real men actually grow them.
- You know I have a hormone disorder!
- Oooh

RIDERS= Cyclists.

SAMPLE= Demonstration.

STUNTMAN= A man who substitutes for a performer in scenes requiring physical daring or involving physical risk.

WHISKEY/ WHAT/WHY= Many years ago, the H in the interrogative WH-words was pronounced (what /hwɒt/ , when /hwen/ , why /hwaɪ/ , etc.). It was soon lost in America and, later, in England and now nobody pronounces it anymore. So instead of /hw/ we say /w/ . As a hypercorrection, he pronounces an H in “Whiskey” (that also starts with WH-). And as a stupidity, he even pronounces an H in “Will” ( /hwɪl/ ).

CREW MEMBER= A member of a team.

TO PARTY= To have fun going to parties, bars, discos, etc.

RELAX= Don’t worry.

CRUNCHES= A sit-up exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles.

MEET YOUR MAKER= Die. Your Maker is God (the one who made you), so if you die you go to heaven and meet your Maker. In a colloquial way it is use to mean: “I’m going to defeat you”.

GONNA= Going to.

REINFORCE= Make stronger.

COOL= Fantastic.

DRAFTED= To draft something is to devise a preliminary version of or plan for it.

SCHEDULE= Programme. Pronounced /skedʒəl/ in Ame but edʒəl/ in BrE.

BLOW= (coll.) Explode.

I’M JUST KIDDING= I’m not serious, it was only a joke.

MEAN= Unkind, cruel, malicious.

A STUNT= A feat displaying unusual strength, skill, or daring. The colloquial and rude adjective “big-ass” is just emphasizing.

MOUSTACHES= Pronounced as in French /məstɑ:ʃ/

A HORMONE DISORDER= When your body doesn’t produce hormones in the correct measure, so some things in your body don’t work correctly (in this case he can’t grow hair on his face).


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