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The Amazing iPad Magician (Simon Pierro) (Germany)
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This is absolutely amazing, so much, you are tempted to believe it's magic for real!

Simon Pierro brought a magic iPad with him and wowed Ellen's audience right along with Ellen!

- When I saw what our next guest could do
with an iPad, I was blown away.
All the way from Germany,
please welcome magician Simon Pierro.
I saw something that was on EllenTube, I think,
but I have not seen what you're doing today.
I'm going to be surprised.
- Thanks for having me. - Okay, thanks for being here.
- So you might be surprised about a couple of things
that I found out with the iPad.
I don't know if it ever happened to you,
but if you go through like this, this might happen.
[audience exclaims]
So if does though, don't worry.
It's not a software problem or anything.
This is just more space for your own creativity.
- Okay.
- So can you see that string?
- Yes. - Here?
Thanks to the string, I stop it,
and I do have access to a whole new set of new apps,
all a bit better than the old ones.
So thanks to this string, I can actually show you
my last , pictures from my vacation.
[laughter] Don't worry.
I won't show you all of them, Ellen.
I'll just show you the overview, 'cause that way, I can easily
print them.
[audience exclaims]
Which is fantastic.
My parents, they do not have an iPad,
so I just put it on a postcard
and send it back all the way to Germany.
- Uh-huh. [laughter]
- But before I do so, I always make a copy.
Otherwise, the data might get lost.
I know this app doesn't make any sense, but it's fun,
and I think FaceTime is as well.
So let me call a friend of mine.
I hope he's ready.
If you are too. That is you.
- Yes. - That's the audience.
- Uh-huh. - And--hi, Christoph.
- Hi, Simon. - Can you hear me?
- Yes, I can hear you.
- Okay. Are you ready? - I'm ready.
- Please do your best. I'm at "Ellen."
[laughter] Okay.
- Here's the straw. - Yes.
- Okay like that? - Perfect.
So thanks to this straw here, I can easily--
- Worked well? - Worked well.
Thank you. Yes.
Ellen, thanks to this straw,
I can share not only music, videos,
but also Coke.
It's excellent.
But I can also give something back.
He doesn't know about that.
Some coconut milk from California.
- [speaking indistinctly] - One second, please.
And here we go. Milk is coming.
Okay, as you can see--
it's still a prototype, but it worked.
Please give a hand to Christoph. - Wow.
[cheers and applause]
- Ellen, this iPad is also a very good hiding place,
a place to hide stuff.
For example, for today, I have--
let me find it.
It's well-secured over here.
On the third page, I'm hiding, for today,
an Ellen pen.
So here we go,
because I'm gonna need that in a second.
- Uh...
- Please can you hold that?
- [clears throat]
- And as Neil Patrick Harris just reminded us
that you are the queen of selfies,
I wanted to create an app just for you,
and that's what I did.
So what I do now, I go into the audience.
I will come back in a second. - Okay.
- So let me-- what a beautiful audience.
[cheers and applause]
Let's see for--
Hello there. Hi, hi, hi.
So what about these two beautiful ladies?
Would you join me in a selfie?
both Sure. - So please come a bit closer.
We turn the camera around, and we are ready to...
And smile.
I'll do some.
Okay, got it.
Thank you very much.
And now...
I can show you how your app will work.
This is the "Ellen Selfie."
I just take one of the last pictures--
one of the few pictures I made.
And here it is.
This is how the app looks like.
This is how my grandmother's picture frame looks like.
And now I need your help on the count of three.
all One, two, three.
And there it is.
And this is not another iPad.
This is a real, live photo...
[audience exclaims] - What!
- Selfie. - What?
- Ellen, you could sign it for the--for the ladies.
[cheers and applause]
- I'll sign it for you.
Go to our website to find out more about Simon.
If you have an amazing magic act
you want me to see, please post it on EllenTube.
We'll be right back. Wow.
- Thank you.


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