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An Open Letter To Moms (Kid President)
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Kid President has been exciting his YouTube fans for a while now thanks to his young but motivational speaking style and dapper dress code. This time around little Robbie Novak delivers a speech focus around “Ten things every mom needs to know.”

This one goes out to moms! Without them we wouldn't be here.

This one goes out to moms! On behalf of all the kids in the world.

Here are ten things every mom needs to know.

Number One: Put down your phone. Unless your kid is named "Phone"

Number Two: Don't name your kid "Phone". That's just not right. That's messed up.

Number Three: We love you. It's just sometimes we don't know how to say it! Sometimes it just comes out screaming or crying. But the next time your kid screams, you know what they're really saying is, "I love you mom". You're beautiful. Thank you for not naming me "Phone".

Four: Stop cleaning. Our house isn't messy! Our house is awesome! It's awesome because we live in it! My mom got stuff to do!

Number Five: Mom upside down is WOW! Doesn't really mean anything but I just thought it was really cool. Wow, it should be like this. Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Number Six: While I have you here, I want to take a second and talk about meatloaf. Meatloaf is like a loaf of bread but it's meat! Mom we love you but let's cool it on the meatloaf!

Number Seven: Thank you for cleaning up all the poop.

Number Eight: Have fun for once! We love to see you have fun. Dance in the grocery store! I can buy all this stuff! Or sing in the middle of the driveway. You'd feel great. And it will scare your kids so much they'll be quiet.

Number Nine: Hug more. Shout less. Look, I get it, I get it sometimes we do some things wrong. But growing up is scary! There's school, there's tests, there's telling time with clocks that have hands, there's tying your shoes, and kilograms and kilomigrams.
I don't know, it's hard but that's why I go to school. Just hard to grow up! Sometimes we just need moms. Moms to tell us everything's okay.

Number Ten: The secret to changing the world, Moms. Without moms, none of us would be here! Moms, kids love you! You! You, mhm and you!

If every mom in the world knew how awesome they were, every problem in the world would be fixed.

From kids everywhere, thanks for believing in us, putting up with us, and straight up loving us!

Mom, you keep us dancing!

I got swag. I got swag.

Send this to a mom! Any mom! Someone who has been an awesome mom to you!
Let them know you wouldn't be here without them.
Kid President out!

I don't know, man, I met people with some weird names all because of their mom. I met a dude named Corndog one time.
No you didn't! Yes I did!
I met a guy named Corndog and you know why his name was Corndog?
Because he ate so many corn dogs!
Get it? He ate too many corn dogs!
I'm out!
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Loaf of meat!

GOES OUT TO= Is dedicated to

MOMS (AmE) = Mums (BrE). In both cases the pronunciation is the same, /mʌm/

ON BEHALF OF= Representing…
- Prince Eduard will inaugurate the new airport on behalf of the queen (= She couldn’t go, or didn’t want to go, so she sent Prince Eduard instead. Prince Eduard was representing the queen, replacing the queen)

KIDS= (coll.) Children.

PUT DOWN= When a phone rings, you “pick it up” and talk, and when the conversation ends, you “put it down” (or also: you “hang up”)

UNLESS= Except if…; if not.
- You must come with your parents, unless you are 18 years old.

IS NAMED= Is called.

MESSED UP= Completely wrong; confused; out of order.

IT’S JUST SOMETIMES WE…= The problem is that sometimes we…
- I love you very much, it’s just (that) sometimes it’s so difficult to be with you.

SCREAMING= Shouting.

CRYING= Weeping.

MESSY= Untidy; dirty.

AWESOME= Fantastic, wonderful.

GOT STUFF TO DO= (coll) Has got things to do (is busy with more important things).

UPSIDE DOWN= Reversed or flipped in a vertical way, with the top side down and the bottom side up.

MEATLOAF= A bar of minced meat (see picture)

A LOAF OF BREAD= See picture.
The word “bread” is uncountable, you can’t say “a bread”, but “a slice of bread” (see picture) if it is a fragment, or “a loaf of bread” if it is complete.

LET’S COOL IT ON THE MEATLOAF= Don’t get too excited about meatloaves (don’t make meatloaves so often)

POOP= (slang) Excrements (in this case, babies’ poop)

FOR ONCE= If you do something for once, you never did it before and now you make it for the first time, and maybe for the last time too. Often used to express exasperation:
- Oh please, can you be quiet for once! You never never stop talking!

GROCERY STORE= A shop where you can buy food and often things for the house too (BrE: the grocery, the grocer’s)

STUFF= (coll.) Thing; things.

DRIVEWAY= A path going from the street to a house or garage (see picture)

SCARE= Frighten, make afraid.

HUG= To hug is to embrace, to put your arms around somebody and squeeze to show affection.

I GET IT= (coll.) I understand.

SCARY= If something is scary, you are afraid of it, it frightens you.

FIXED= Solved; repaired; put right.

PUTTING UP WITH US= To endure without complaining, to have patience with something troublesome.

STRAIGHT UP LOVING US= The phrase “straight up” is simply emphasizing what comes later:
- This is straight up useful (= This is really really beautiful / The adjective “useful” is perfect for this)

I GOT SWAG= (AmE slang) I am cool, I have got style (from “swagger”, meaning a cool way of moving and doing things); I dance very well (from “to swag”, meaning “to sway, to rock”)

MAN= (coll. Esp. AmE) Mate (coll. Bre). A cool way of addressing another man or boy (or even women sometimes).

WEIRD= /wɪə*d/ Strange.

DUDE= (coll. AmE) Man, guy.

CORN DOG= A sausage that is encased in corn bread batter before being baked or fried, usually served on a stick. And kids love it. (see picture)

NO YOU DIDN’T!= A phrase to express surprise, when you find something hard to believe.

GET IT? = Do you understand?


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