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Hotel Rwanda Trailer
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 A tribute to a brave man.

In January 2003, Terry George travelled to Rwanda to collect information on the history and become familiar with the country. "I was also seeking answers," says George. "Why do the genocide happened?" Why did it kill so many people in 100 days, resulting in the faster genocide of modern history? "I also wanted to take the pulse of the ordinary people of Rwanda and hear their stories". Paul Rusesabagina accompanied it on the visit. It was the first time that Paul returned to Rwanda from the atrocities.

Paul Rusesabagina is hutu and director of the hotel Mille Collines, Belgian airline Sabena property. RES-petado for their generosity, charisma and contacts that has, is involved in the course of events when fun-zan to their tutsi women (Sophie Okonedo), their children and neighbors with death and achieves circumvent first obstacles through bribery, in the hope that the international forces arrive in which-given time to avoid civil war.

- My name is Paul Rusesabagina. I am the house manager of the most luxurious hotel in the capital of Rwanda, a place that my family and I happily called our home…until the day everything changed.
- Daddy. There are soldiers on the streets.
- They’re killing everyone.
- It’s a massacre.
- The United Nations are here now.
- We’re here as peace keepers, not as peace makers.
- We’ve got trouble at the gate.
-  This is a four-star hotel, not a refugee camp. I have no means to protect these people.
When a country descended into madness...
- They’re killing Tutsi children to wipe out the next generation.
And the world turned its back...
- How can they not intervene? Hundreds of thousands are dying.
- If people see this, Paul, they’ll say, Oh, my God, that’s horrible, and then go on eating their dinners.
One man had to make a choice...
- All of the whites are leaving, even the UN soldiers.
- All the superpowers, everything you believe in, Paul. They’re not going to stop this slaughter.
- We have been abandoned. There will be no rescue. We can only save ourselves.
- We can’t give up.
United Artists presents the true story of a man who fought impossible odds...
- I cannot leave these people to die.
- Papa!
- To save everyone he could...
- They say you led the massacres.
- You will tell them the truth.
- I will tell them nothing unless you help me.
And created a place...
- Go inside the hotel.
Where hope survived...
- You’re a good man, Paul.
- We need to help one another. That is the only thing that is keeping us alive.


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