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How to achieve your New Year Resolutions? (Let's Talk) (India)
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"New Year's resolutions" are yearly goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of a new year. They usually have to do with fitness, saving money, education, etc.
People often make New Year's resoltions at the beginning of the year but don't end up keeping them. With time passing by, they fizzle out and you are no longer motivated.
So in this lesson, you are going to learn how to achieve your resolution.

1. Pick three goals :

You should have one really important goal that you're going to achieve no matter what. You can set two other goals to work toward as well. Just remember to decide which goal is your "main" one.
If you try to do more than three things at once, you'll get lost. You'll lose track of what's most important.
So stick with one main resolution and two secondary ones.

2. Write your resolutions down and post them :

Think of a single word to represent each of your resolutions. Write the word in big letters and post it somewhere in your home.
For example, if you want to lose weight, you can paste a sticky note on your fridge that reads 'smart eating'. Every time you open the fridge, you'll be reminded of your resolution.
Also, share them with your family and friends. Put them on your Facebook page. Put them as your status on watsapp and other chat groups. Your friends and relatives can definitely help by keeping a check on you.

3. Turn each resolution into a habit :

Working on your resolutions every single day is very, very effective.
If you do something every day, it becomes a habit. Soon you won't even think about it; you'll just do it naturally, like brushing your teeth.
It becomes a part of your lifestyle and you do it without much thought or going out of your way.

4. Work on one habit per month :

To achieve an important goal, you'll probably need to pick up several good habits. For example, to get in shape you'll need to exercise, cut down on your drinking, eat more vegetables, and so on.
If you try to pick up a lot of good habits at once, you're probably going to fail. It's just too hard to focus.
Instead, I suggest focusing on one good habit per month. After you've gotten used to the first one, you can then add the next one, and so on. For example, if you want to save more money this year, you can add habits like this:
• January: Write down your expenses each day
• February: Make your own lunch each day
• March: Maintain a piggy bank.

5. Use a calendar :

Get a calendar to put on the wall. Every day that you keep up your good habits, mark the day with an "X" on the calendar. Then try not to miss any days.
Seeing all of the hard work marked on the calendar will motivate you to continue working hard every day.


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