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How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? #Masks4All (Petr Ludwig) (Czech)
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This is a life-saving message from the Czech Republic. Wearing masks can save lots of life and prevent collapse in hospitals. You can do it, for you, for me.

- Tutorial for a home-made mask:

- A bit more sophisticated (and much more effective), a mask out of a vacuum cleaner (a hoover) filter bag:

- Easy and basic, using a kitchen paper towel:

- Super easy, using a napkin and two elastic bracelets:


We have an important message for all of you. Especially if you live in a country that is right now facing the new coronavirus.

The pandemic is growing exponentially in many countries. But the Czech Republic is one of the few in Europe that has significantly slowed down the spread of the virus. In this video we would like to tell you what we did differently, and mainly, we would like to help you to do the same.

We are following social distancing and the rule "stay at home".
But others do that too.

We also have strict hygienic procedures.
Others do that as well.

But the main difference is: everyone who has to leave their house has to wear a face mask.


I know, they maybe told you that masks wouldn't protect you. But there are studies proving that even a homemade mask can be partially protective.
Any protection is essential today.

But now, the more important thing. Masks fundamentally prevent the transmission from you to others by sneezing, coughing but also breathing. And many people are (the) most contagious before they start showing symptoms. So when we both have a face mask, I protect you, you protect me, and we are both safe.

Based on a recent data we know that population-wide use of masks is essential for suppression of the outbreak.

According to our professional experience, a simple homemade mask can prevent up to 100 percent of the spread of potentially infected micro droplets.

The more people use masks, the less virus can be distributed and fewer individuals are exposed.

Just a few days ago, people were laughing at those who wore masks. But some people knew about this positive effect and started to share this information across social media.

The message grew fast through artists, influencers, and others.

I know, face masks aren't in stores, right?
But something incredible happened.
People started making homemade masks and giving them to others for free.

Many companies, theatres or even retirement houses changed their buildings into sewing rooms, and thousands of people started to sew masks at home.

So we know that face masks work, and it has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists.

We know that is is possible in just 3 days to provide face masks for 10 million people in one country. And we know that here we have fundamentally supressed the infection.

Please, share this knowledge and help us to change as many countries as possible. Take a picture with your face mask on and share it with the hashtag #Masks4All.

It can really save lives.

And remember: I protect you, you protect me.

RIGHT NOW= At this very moment.

FACING= Comfronting, fighting, opposing.

PANDEMIC= A global epidemic, when a disease is spreading all over the world.


SLOW DOWN= Reduce.

SPREAD= /spred/ Dissemination, diffusion, extension.

MAINLY= Most importantly.

PROCEDURES= A series of steps taken to get a certain result.

AS WELL= Too, also.

THE MAIN= The most important.

HOMEMADE= Made at home, not bought or made in a factory.

THE MORE IMPORTANT THING= This is a mistake, it should be "the most important thing".



BY SNEEZING= We use the preposition BY + -ing to explain how something is made (you can open the door by using the key). TO SNEEZE is expel air through your mouth and nose in an explosion, like when you are allergic.

COUGH= /kɒf/ To expel air from your lungs through your mough suddenly and noisily, usually in a loud hoarse noise and often repeatedly, like when you have a cold.

SYMPTOMS= Signs of an illness.

OUTBREAK= The sudden beginning of something bad.

POTENTIALLY= Possible; maybe.

DROPLETS= Little drops. Here it refers to the tiny, even unseen, drops of saliva we send into the air when we are talking and, especially, when we cough or sneeze.

THE MORE...= We use the construction "the more... the more..." to show a parallel increase. If A gets bigger, B will get bigger too in more or less the same progression.

SOCIAL MEDIA= Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

STORES (AmE)= Shops.

COMPANY= A business enterprise, a firm. The correct pronunciation should be /kʌmpənɪ/.

RETIREMENT HOUSES= Homes for the elderly. Places where they take old people to live and be attended.

SEWING ROOMS= A place to sew. To sew /su:/ is to join or fasten by stiches made with needle and thread, like when you make clothes.



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