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Good dog
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This is a funny beer commercial banned from television.

- Hey, nice dog
- Yeah, this is Piper, pure bred Border Collie. Watch this. Piper, fetch! Ha ha ha. Good boy, Piper, you’re such a smart dog. So, err, what can your dog do?
- Fargus, Budlight
- Aaah!
- Bad dog!
For the great taste of a light beer that won't fill you up and never lets you down, make it a Bud Light

PURE BRED= When we are talking about dogs, we don’t say "race", we say "breed". To breed a dog is to bring it up (like when you bring up children), but also to train them. The verb is breed-bred-bred, so a pure bred dog is a dog with a "pure race" and no mixture from other dog breeds.

BORDER COLLIE= The kind of dog you can see on the video.

SMART= Intelligent (esp. AmE). In BrE it means "elegant", but this commercial is American.

LIGHT= Talking about taste, "light" is the opposite of "strong".

FILL UP= Satiate. If you eat or drink something and it fills you up, you don't want to eat or drink any more because you feel you had enough or too much.

LETS YOU DOWN= To fail to meet the expectations of; disappoint.

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