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I am... Gabriel
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A movie about love, hope and revival.

You can watch the full movie here: I am... Gabriel (sorry, Spanish subtitles).

My Lord, You've put Your hand on this town. I can see it. Just as easily as I can see the enemy moving. You've given me confidence and now they're starting to feel the strength of Your hand and the depth of Your love for them.

- (It) Started ten years ago. The death of a baby. After that the enemy seemed to just root in. Our town is cursed.

- It's good to get out of Promise.

- I'm just looking for hope.
- Wrong town, son.

- You know how hard it's there. No work, no money.

- I'm dying, Gabe.
- I know.

- What does your God tell you 'bout this Gabe kid?

- I can't make it rain.
- God can.

- Blink.

- It was Gabe, wasn't he?
- We can't really be sure whether it was him or not.

- He's done nothing but bless this town as far as I can tell.
- That kid is selling snake oil.

- Please, help me!

- Don't let your story get in the way of the truth.

- I'm taking you home myself.

- Who are you?

- I am... Gabriel.

YOUR HAND= If God puts His hand on someone or a place, He protects it.

THE ENEMY= The evil forces.

ROOT IN= If something roots in, it settles strongly, it starts and grows to the point that it is really difficult to remove it. In this case he’s talking about evil and devastation.

CURSED= If something is cursed, it is under the influence of evil and in danger of spiritual condemnation; or simply suffering devastation and misfortune. In this case, both things are true.

PROMISE= The name of the town where they live.

WRONG TOWN= If you’re looking for hope, that is not the correct place to go, because there is no hope in that town.

SON= (used by adults when talking to young boys) The usual way to address a kid.

DYING= The –ing form of the verb “to die”. We change the -i- to a -y- to prevent the result of two -ii- coming together (in the same way we have: lie-lying, tie-tying, etc.)

GABE= Short for “Gabriel” (in English, especially in America, it is very common to short someone’s name to just one syllable, especially kids’)

'BOUT= About.

THIS GABE KID= That boy named Gabe.

BLINK= If you blink, you quickly close your eyes for a fraction of a second.

BLESS= To bring goodness and prosperity to a person or place.

AS FAR AS I CAN TELL= For all I know, to my knowledge, according to what I know.

SELLING SNAKE OIL= If you sell snake oil, you are giving people something with the promise that it will help them, but it won’t, it’s something ineffective, a fraud.

GET IN THE WAY OF= If something gets in the way of something else, it disrupts, hinders, hides or interrupts it.

MYSELF= Here, this is not a reflexive pronoun, but an emphatic one. It emphasizes the subject “I” and means: I will take you home, nobody else but me.
- Do you like it? I did it myself.
- He is himself coming to visit us!
- She’s painting the house herself.

GABRIEL= One of the three archangels (the most important angels): Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael. “Angel” means “messenger”, and “archangel” means “superior/supreme angel”. Gabriel is considered by Christians, Jews and Muslims to be a very important or the most important of God’s messengers. Jews (etc) believe he helped the prophet Daniel understand his visions; Christians believe he also appeared to the Virgin Mary to foretell the birth of Jesus; Muslims also believe that he was the one revealing the Quran to Mohammed.


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