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I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again
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A TV programme got really naughty on Halloween, and asked parents to be even naughtier and make their children feel miserable. Believe it or not, many parents accepted the challenge and all these video clips are the proof. The parent was to say "I'm sorry kid, I ate all your Halloween candy". Meanwhile they were videotaping their poor children so that the whole world could see their reaction. Of course nobody can see how these poor creatures will be so deeply traumatise that they will never again be able in the future to function like normal human beings. Unable to trust their parents again, or anybody else for that matter, they will grow up resentful and suspicious. Prisons in the future will be overloaded with thousands of kids whose parents told them one day, "I'm sorry kid, I ate all your candy". Ha ha ha ha.


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