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Lady Gaga's cameo appearance (The Simpsons)
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It's the first time that Lady Gaga has offered a voiceover for a character. Here she's dubbing her cameo appearance in The Simpsons.

"I make music, but I don't do voice-overs every day of the week, and their characters are so awesomely convincing and sincere and wild and funny, I had to remind myself constantly of the sincerity of the humor".


[Matt Groening - Executive Producer]
Oh my God it’s Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga! The Lady Gaga!

[Lady Gaga]
Never forget you're all little monsters.

[Matt Groening]
We just recorded her and she was fantastic, she was so good that we ruined many takes by laughing out loud.

[Lady Gaga]
I’ve always been a huge fan of The Simpsons, I was really excited and surprised and I’ve been itching to do some T.V. again and I was such an incredible script. It’s so funny. I come to Springfield on a train with huge shoes on it and I come to make the people of Springfield happy for a moment and along the way I run into Lisa and I decide that it’s my mission to pull Lisa out of her slump and ah give her hope again.

[Lady Gaga]
We should go to your house and talk. Incognito!

[Lady Gaga]
Sometimes it was very endearing and other times they were making fun of me and I’m making fun of everybody else and that’s sort of what I do as a performer. They’re so wonderfully talented. I think I was more nervous than I’ve ever been because I have so much respect for them, I just wanted to do a good job. I hung out with everyone today and they sketched me while I was working, that was really nice too, because they were catching certain natural things that I would do with my hand, I talk a lot with my hands, there’s lots of big gestures.

[Lady Gaga]
Someone in Springfield needs my help. Light up the after bras.

[Matt Groening]
Lady Gaga is going to look stunningly beautiful in this episode, however, it’s by Simpsons standards so the big eye-balls and the over bite. And I think that at one point her hair is going to be slightly taller than Marge, you think that her dress’s in real life are crazy. Wait till we see what we draw.

[Lady Gaga]
I jumped for the opportunity right away. I mean, it’s so funny, the cast is incredible and um I’m just really happy to be here.

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