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I'm Watching You Dad
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Take a moment to contemplate the roles that Dads play in their children's lives. Our kids are watching to see if what we say matches our actions. Challenge and uplift fathers, acknowledging their importance in shaping the lives of future generations as role models.

Dad. You don't know it right now, but I'm watching you.

Watching the things you do. And watching the way you treat people. The way you treat me, and my mum, and my sister.

The way you live your life is having a big impact on me. When it's time for me to choose a career and provide for my family, your work ethic will be on my mind.

The time you spend with me, even doing simple things, will give me a sense of security.

There'll be times of my life when I'll struggle with integrity, and I may be not sure what to do. But I will recall how you stood up for what was right, even if you could have looked the other way. And like the decisions you are making, I will also make.

Please don't be afraid to show me your failures, to show me your mistakes. I will learn from them.

Dad, are you listening?

I'm watching you.

Watching as if you really believed what you say about God. I need your help to show me the way. Show me how to live life that isn't safe, but is good.

So I'm watching you, dad. Every day.

You teach me how to live, whether you know it or not.

RIGHT NOW= We use "right" to emphasize space and time, so "right now" means "exactly at this moment".

TREAT= The way you treat somebody is the things you go to them, the way you behave to them.

IMPACT= Influence.

CAREER= University studies.

PROVIDE FOR= If you provide for somebody, you give them everything material they need (food, shelter, clothes, money...) (no, love is not included)

YOUR WORK ETHIC= The things you consider right and wrong at work.

ON MY MIND= In my head, in my thoughts, in my memory.

STRUGGLE= Fight to do something; make a big effort.

INTEGRITY= Honesty; the quality of doing always the right thing, even when it is much easier to do the wrong thing (in moral issues).

RECALL= Remember.

STOOD UP FOR= To stand up for the right thing is to do it, or defend it, especially when it is difficult to do.

LOOKED THE OTHER WAY= If you should do something but you "look the other way", you forget about what is right, what is good, and don't do it.

FAILURES= Things not done correctly.

WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT= It doesn't mind if you know it or if you don't know it.

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