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Most Shocking Second-a-Day Video
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A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Could this ever happen in the UK? This is what war does to children. Find out more at

The adjective "second-a-day" comes from a popular video format which consists on recording something or somebody (for example your son) one second every day, and then putting all the images together to get a video of a few minutes showing a very long life span, for example three years.

Happy birthday to you. Make a wish.
Have you done your homework?
Ready or not.
Here it comes.
Violent clashes with....
Live ammunition.....
...deserve to get shot
Bye mum.
... strikes on rebel position...
We are going to stay...
Where are we?
Happy birthday to you. Make a wish, darling.

GRANNY= (familiar) Grandmother.

READY OR NOT= I'll go now (or I'll do it now), and I don't care if you are ready or you are not ready yet.

CLASHES= A clash is a fight, especially when soldiers from both parts suddenly start fighting each other.

LIVE AMMUNITION= (the spelling is wrong in the subtitles) AMMUNITION is projectiles, such as bullets and shot, together with their fuses and primers, that can be fired from guns or otherwise propelled. Anything that can be used as a weapon to throw and kill people or destroy things. LIVE AMMUNITION means "real amunition", as opposed to BLANK AMMUNITION which is used for training or for TV movies, which are not real and so they don't kill people.

DESERVE= If you deserve something, it is the right thing to give it to you.

TO GET SHOT= (shoot-shot-shot) If you get shot, they shoot you.

STRIKES= (in a war) If soldiers strike, they fight or shoot or throw bombs.

REBEL= Which doesn't accept the status. In a war, the rebels are people fighting against the government troops.


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