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How To Flirt With Men (Videojug)
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Here is a computer programme testing girls on how good they are at flirting with men.

If you are a man, you will be especially interested in the other way round, watch How to flirt with women.

How To Flirt With Men

Hello and welcome to VideoJug, you would like to know how to flirt. Press the screen to select who you would like to flirt with. You have selected man. Please confirm you would like to flirt with a man. Please wait while the programme loads.

Question 1: Appearance

You want to make a good first impression on your man. Should you leave...:

A. A little to the imagination?
B. A lot to the imagination?
C. Nothing to the imagination?

Question 2: Eye contact

You are sizing up your man. Should you look:

A. Quickly at him, look away, then look back
B. In the opposite direction
C. Intently at him without blinking for at least 5 minutes

Question 3: Body Language

You would like to use your body to express your interest in your man. Should you look...:

A. Interested and approachable by mirroring his posture?
B. Unattainable by crossing your arms?
C. Easy by doing a few thrusts?

Question 4: Conversation

You are about to interact verbally with your man. Should you say:

A. A little, but listen attentively and ask questions at appropriate moments.
B. Not much and ignore his attempts to talk to you
C. A lot and ignore his attempts to run away

Question 5: Touch

You are now getting closer to your man. Should you touch...:

A. His arm briefly and gently to break the personal space barrier?
B. His wallet?
C. Him all over and grab his groin?

Your Results:

Mostly Bs – The Ice Queen. Turn up the heat and give the guy a chance, lady! If you don't thaw out soon you're going to be left out in the cold.

Mostly Cs – The Desperado. Wow you know what you want and nothing's going to stop you – not even his lack of interest. Remember it doesn't count if the consent isn't mutual.

Mostly As – The Minx. Congratulations! You know all the right moves. You're subtly approachable without being overkeen. Go girl!

FLIRT= To try to seduce another person with romantic or sexual intentions.

SCREEN= The part of a computer or TV, etc., where images appear.

LOADS= If a computer programme is loading, the computer is transferring the programme code into its internal memory so it can make it run (= operate, function, work).

A LITTLE TO THE IMAGINATION= If you leave a little to imagination then you show a lot. In this particular context that means showing many parts of your body naked.

SIZING UP= If you size a person up you look at them from head to toes so as to evaluate their appearance, especially with romantic or sexual intentions.

LOOK BACK= If you look at something, then look to a different place, and then look back, you are looking at the first thing again (BACK= this particle expresses the idea that the action returns to the origin)

INTENTLY= In an intensive/strong way.

BLINKING= If you blink, you quickly close your eyes and open them again. We usually do this action unintentionally, to keep our eyes moistured (wet).

APPROACHABLE= If you are approachable, people can get near you and/or talk to you easily.

MIRRORING HIS POSTURE= If you mirror somebody’s posture you imitate their body position the same as a mirror does when you move in front of it. Psychology usually thinks that mirroring somebody’s posture makes them unconsciously feel that you are both similar so they feel more comfortable with you (but if you are too obvious then they feel you are mocking them and the effect is the opposite).

UNATTAINABLE= The opposite of “approachable”. If something is unattainable, it is impossible to obtain. An unattainable person doesn’t let anybody to establish a relationship with them.

BY CROSSING...= We use the construction BY + ING to express how something is done. Compare:
- They destroyed the city blowing their trumpets (maybe they bombed the city or something, and while they were bombing the city, they were blowing their trumpets at the same time).
- They destroyed the city by blowing their trumpets (the trumpets sound was what caused the destruction of the city, like in Jericho’s story)

EASY= An easy woman is very easy to get sexually.

THRUSTS= A thrust is a sudden movement you make with your pelvis forwards and backwards. It can be considered sexually exciting, or simply obscene and vulgar (except if you’re dancing, which is acceptable since Elvi’s times).

INTERACT VERBALLY= A very formal way to say: chat, have a conversation.

ATTENTIVELY= With attention.

PERSONAL SPACE BARRIER= It is the outer limits of an imaginary safety area around a person. This safety area may be just a few centimetres or even an arm’s length (or even more), depending on the culture (Japanese people have a very big safety area and people in Egypt have a very small one). In any case, you should never cross a person’s personal space barrier unless you can both feel comfortable creating an intimate situation (or if you are talking inside a disco bar with very loud music and you need to get inside the other person’s ear to make yourself understood, or if you are inside a packed Japanese train and have to squeeze against other people willy-nilly).

WALLET= The thing were men usually keep their money inside their pocket.

ALL OVER= Everywhere.

GROIN= (also “crotch”) The front part of the area where the legs join the abdomen (where sexual organs are).

TURN UP= (about volume, temperature, etc.) Increase, get higher.

GUY= (coll. esp. AmE) A man.

CHANCE= Opportunity, possibility.

THAW OUT= (of ice or something frozen) Melt; warm up and stop being frozen.

OUT IN THE COLD= (figurative) Being left alone and feeling lonely and abandoned by everyone.

DESPERADO= If a man or a woman is a desperado, they feel desperate about something and they will try to do anything to get it.

LACK= Absence. If you lack money, you don’t have money. If there is a lack of children, there are no children.

IT DOESN’T COUNT= It’s not good, it’s not permitted.

CONSENT= Talking about sexual or romantic relationships, somebody’s consent is when they do it willingly (because they want to). Mutual consent implies that both people want to.

THE RIGHT MOVES= The correct course of action; the right things to do; the procedure.

SUBTLY= The opposite of “obviously”. Something subtle is something hard to notice.

OVERKEEN= Showing an exaggerated enthusiasm or love.


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