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Jack-Jack Attack (Pixar)
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This is a Pixar's short film extracted from the animation film The Incredibles.

K- Wow, it’s dark in here. Wow and now it’s too bright.
D- File 82-7-0-2. Agent Rick Dicker interrogating. State your name, please.
K- Kari. Kari McKeen. It’s like Carrie, only with a K instead of a C, and an "ah" instead of an "a", and only one R, and an I instead of an I-E.
D- Tell me about the incident.
K- Well, it started out like any normal sitting gig, you know, with the reassuring of the parent and all.

K- Mrs. Parr, I can totally handle anything this baby can dish out. Can’t I, little boo boo kid? Who can handle it? Who can handle it? Mrs. Parr? Mrs. Parr? Oh, well, she knows you’re in good hands. Now, who’s ready for some neurological stimulation?

It’s time for cognitive develop... Who’s the goo-goo baby? Where’s the hiding…
That was really weird. Wait right here.
Hello, Mrs. Parr, this is Kari. I have a question about Jack-Jack. Can you call me?
Jack-Jack? Baby? Where are you?Where?
Mrs. Parr, it’s me. Jack-Jack is fine, but weird things are happening, and you need to tell me what to do, 'cause I’m…
How’d you get…?

We’re gonna calm things down a bit now, and look at flash cards. Won’t that be fun?

Don’t panic. Baby on fire, baby on fire.

Good baby!
Nice baby.

S- Is this the Parr’s residence?
K- Yes, I’m Kari, the babysitter.
S- Well, hello, uh, Kari. I’m, uh…
K- You’re my replacement. Thank heaven you’ve come! What does the "S" stand for?
S- For… sitter. Yeah, sitter. Originally, I was gonna have initials for babysitter, but then I would have been going around wearing a big "BS", and you understand why I couldn’t go with that.

D- And you believed him?
K- The baby was exploding! You ever sit an exploding baby before, Mr. Dicker?
K- What’s that?
D- Have you told anyone else about this? Your parents?
K- Yeah, they thought I was being funny. But you believe me, don’t you, Mr. Dicker?
D- Sure, kid.
K- I just wish I could forget the whole thing.
D- You will, kid. You will.

STATE= (formal) Say.

START OUT= To start, to take the first action in a series of events that will finally lead to a certain result.

SITTING GIG= (coll.) A gig is a job, and sitting refers to baby-sitting, the act of taking care of a baby when the parents are out.

REASSURING= Making someone feel relaxed and safe, like there is no problem.

TOTALLY= (coll.) Used to emphasize the word which comes next.

HANDLE= Cope with, deal with, manage, execute, do.

DISH OUT= (coll.) Produce, do.

YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS= You are safe with that person, that person knows how to do their job well.

COGNITIVE DEVELOP...= The phrase is unfinished, "cognitive development" is the training and growth of intelligence.

WEIRD /wɪə*d/= strange, odd.

RIGHT HERE= Exactly here. We use "right" to emphasize expression of place and time (right here, right now).

THIS IS KARI= When we are talking on the phone or any other situation where we can't see the other person, if we want to give or ask for identification we never say "I" (I'm Tom) or "You" (Who are you?). Instead, we use "It" (it's me / who is it?) or "this" for me (This is Kari) and "that" for you (Who's that? Is that Tom?).

IT'S ME= See previous explanation.

CAUSE= (coll.) Because.

HOW'D= 'D is usually the contraction of "would" or sometimes "had", but sometimes, not often, it may be the contraction of "did", which is the case here.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.


ON FIRE= Burning.

RESIDENCE= (formal) house.

BABYSITTER= The person who looks after the baby when the parents are out. They usually get some money for that, and they are usually young girls.

REPLACEMENT= Substitute.

THANK HEAVEN= (euph. for "Thank God"). An expression of joy and/or relief about the sentence we say next.

STAND FOR= (referring to an abbreviation or acronym) Means.

BS= (a bit rude) Acronym for "bullshit", something foolish, useless or stupid.

SIT= To babysit, to look after a baby or child.

FUNNY= Strange.

SURE= Of course.

THE WHOLE= All, the complete.

KID= (coll.) Child.

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