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Junior gets a present (Junior, the bilingual…)
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This is my nephew, Junior, thrilled about getting a new present. He was about to be 3 years old and his English was just as good as his Spanish.

A few months after this video his English improved a lot to make him even more proficient in English than in Spanish (supposedly his mother tongue) and... he changed his accent to American English! though not just yet here (and then they say TV is not such a strong influence on kids)

You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy

- What's inside. What's there?
- There you go.
- God! Jah!
- Where're you going?
- Want to ++ into the room. I'm going to take it out.
- You gonna stick it out?
- Yes, stick it out.
- ++ you help me?
- Oh, look, look at this!
- Look at that! What's that?
- +++++++ Can you open it for me?
- Yea, I can open it for you.
- Here.
- Yea. Put it on the table.
- Why?
- 'Cause I can open it...
- Here.
- Hey, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. Yeah, pick it up. Don't, don't do that. Oops!
- There
- There.
- Can you open this for me?
- Hmm
- Why not?
- Yea, yea, I can.
- This is... I'll show you. I'll show you how to open it.
- Ok.
- First, this is the truck and the +++. The three- and the Three +++ there.
- No, what are these things up there?
- Erm...
- What's that?
- A tr- a big truck.
- It's a big truck; a lorry.
- Yes, a lorry.
- And this thing? What's that?
- I don't know.
- This is an ex- an ex- an excavator.
- An extor- an ex- an excavator?
- An excavator, yea, you've got an excavator at home!
- Yea, I got an excavator at home.
- That's right, so how do we open this?
- I'll show you. Look, see? That's how you open it.
- How?
- +++++
- Alright, +++++. Ok, I think if we just press it here... Ok, we have to... careful, we're going to use the knife.
- That knife?
- Yea, stay away.++++++
- Oh wow! Wow! ++++ Whoooooa. +++++
- Pull it out, pull it out.
- Whooa, ++++. I can't take it in [my] mouth (?) +++
- Alright, ++++
- I can't take- but I can't take out the lorry.
- Alright.
- Opie. Op- I say 'opie'
- Yes, "opie"
- Opie
- Opie, opie?
- Yes, opie, opie.
- Let's opie-opie!
- ++, yes, let's opie-opie. come, eeeh, oooh, the lorry!
- It's a very big one!
- Ooh
- No, that's fine. That's fine. I'll put it here.
- Wow, they're big. +++++  What's this? I cannot...
- That's a trailer, to put things inside. You can put animals or things inside and you can transport them from one place to another.

THERE YOU GO= Here you are = Here = There = An expression we say when we give something to somebody.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

STICK IT OUT= (coll.) Take it out.
In colloquial English we often use the verb STICK meaning "put" or "take", used in a casual way, as when the place itself is not very important.
- Where do I leave this box?
- Oh, just stick it on the table and come here.

LOOK AT THIS/THAT!= An expression of surprise about something you can see (or even something said). Usually positive.

HERE= Again, an expression we say when we give something to somebody.

PICK UP THE PHONE= Notice the phrasal “pick up” used to talk about the phone. The opposite is to put it down or hang it up.

TRUCK (AmE)= Lorry (BrE)

Opie= /oupi:, əʊpi:/ An expression Junior just made up right then (or maybe he picked from TV?). Apparently he meant “open”, in a kiddy-fun way, that's why it makes sense to say "let's opie-opie" (= let's open it). This is another proof that Junior is not only picking up the language, but also the creativity and flexibility connected to that new language.

THAT’S FINE= It’s ok, don’t worry, no problem.

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