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Kids react to viral videos #2
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Kids are shown famous viral videos to see their reaction and comments. Hilarious. You can also have a good example of all the different uses of LIKE in colloquial conversation (look in explanations).

You can watch the viral videos yourself before watching the kids reaction to them. Here they are:

- Leave Britney Alone! (the kids were only shown the last part of it, from minute 1:25)

- Japanese Dog Commercial

- Berries and Cream

- Trololo Song



Leave Britney alone! Please!
- Ok, this only gets me sad.
Leave Britney alone! Please! Leave Britney Spears alone right now!
- Britney Spears!? ha ha
I mean it!
- Is that her sister?
- turn(s) it off, turn(s) it off. I wanna play.

QUESTION TIME: Is that a boy or a girl that was talking?
- A girl.
- That was a guy.
- Kind of thought that was a man a little bit, but I'm not sure.
- I'm not even sure.
- I think that that was a guy.
- I'm sure that was a girl. She sound/s/ like a girl.
- A guy imposing as a girl.
- I think it was a girl.
What if I told you it was a boy?
- It is? That's disgusting!
It is a boy.
- No, sir.
- She talks like a girl! "He", I mean. I mean...
Why do people need to leave Britney Spears alone?
- Maybe because she has a cold.
- Probably because she's sick.
- Britney Spears has lost her privacy.
- That was the time when she like shaved her head and everybody was like going crazy about her and they go "oh, Britney!"
Have you ever been this upset about something?
- Not that I would make a video of it and post it on YouTube.
Would you make a video and share it with the world if you were this upset?
- No way, Jose!
- Never.
- No.
- It's [like the person like] looking back on it right now: "I am so stupid"
- You should just leave other people alone, let 'em deal with their own problems.

- ha ha ha.
- Oh my God!
- How does it make them like each other again?
- Ha ha, it's so weird!
- What! What? What! I can't really understand what happened there.
- That's like the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

QUESTION TIME: What was that? What was going on?
- A boy who's so sad because he didn't get this girl...
- This dog came and actually /standed/ up.
- And all of a sudden he leaps out and starts doing random rap moves.
- Ho, ho, ho, ho.
- The puppies were dancing on the ++++. It was so adorable.
What country do you think the commercial's from?
- Japan.
- Like Chinese or something.
- Only fiesta, the one that got these. That's Chinese. I don't even know how to speak that.
What's going on at this point?
- Oh my God, she's the dog!
- It popped up and it was a... doll.
- Since it's a fake dog, of course he can take off its head.
- It bends over and then the dog has like a doll head on it. It's so weird!
- He's trying to dress up as the girl so he would eat the chips, because the girl likes the chips and he wants to be like the girl, so he eats the chips. The girl likes him then and they go out, then they break up heart-broken... so what's the point here?
  I don't get it. How does seeing the dog's head turn into a porcelain doll give you that?
- It just does. Cause she looks a lot like that weird Chinese girl.
Dogs freak you out?
- No, that dog creeps me out.
- Making kids love each other. Wouldn't that creep you out?

- Oh, Ooooh!
- What?
- Berries and cream, berries and cream. I'm a little lad who loves berries and cream. Berries and cream!
- This spoke right to my heart.

QUESTION TIME: Who was that guy that showed up?
- A little minyan.
- A Russian short guy.
- He might come from Munchkinland or something.
- Weird.
- Someone who took some kind of potion to survive from the 1400's.
Does this make you want candy?
- Nah.
- No.
- No.
What does it make you want to buy?
- Weird guy repellents.
- It makes me wanna turn off the TV.
- What do you think about his dance?
- It was a... a scary dance.
- Creepy.
- It looked like a leprechaun dance. Berries and cream, berries and cream!

- He's not even singing.
- Doesn't even look like he's singing it.
- Yea, I can sing. I can even do the bow ring, I think, and then she does something like that. Isn't that amazing?
- How long does it go on?
- He won't stop.
Great job!
- Did you like that little flip?

QUESTION TIME: So, did you like the song?
- Uh...
- Uhm...
- Yeah, I kind of, like "kind of".
- I think it was weird.
- It was funny.
What do you think of the guy singing?
- His face looks like Frankenstein.
- Fangs. I think they were fangs.
- He's potentially evil-looking.
- German version of [a nanny].
- He's creepy!
So, and you all think he was singing?
- He was lip-syncing, you can tell, cause like when he was going "oh" he was like --, and then when he was going "ah", he was like --.
- Ooooh. Like- like you could barely see his mouth moving.
- Cause he was just like smiling the whole time.
Was the lip-syncing good?
- Terrible, it was really bad.
Any redeeming qualities or anything good about this video?
- NO!
- This is gonna be burnt into my brain. All because of you guys.
- Thanks for watching.
- Thanks for watching.
- Let me know what other videos I should watch.
- No-na-noo...
- Lo-lo-lo-lo...
-  Berries and creams, berries and creams...

*I used brackets "[ ]" for the bits I probably don't understand correctly and ++++ for the words I just can't understand. Oh my, kids can be so hard to understand sometimes (especially that little mumbling girl there)

VIRAL VIDEOS= Videos that get extremely popular and are shared all over the Internet, spreading like viruses.

I MEAN IT= I'm serious about it, I'm not joking.

The phrase "Kind of" means "more or less" (it is also often used meaning nothing).

GUY= (coll. esp. AmE) Boy, man.

IMPOSING AS A GIRL= Pretending he was a girl.

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU...= We say thins before telling a shocking piece of information (This is not a real question, it's a statement).
What if I told you that I have 15 brothers and sisters = I have 15 brothers and sisters (shocking, huh?)

DISGUSTING= Something horrible that you don't like.

In colloquial conversation this word is very often used anywhere in the sentence and it means nothing (I marked all those meaningless "likes" in italics, like this: like). Most of the LIKEs you're going to find on this video mean nothing at all. In this sentence she uses two void like words (she like shaved..., everybody was like going crazy...).
You can find all kinds of LIKE here, I'll give you examples of usage:
- I like you = (attraction)
- he moves like a robot = (preposition of comparison)
- she talks like she is a rich girl = (conjunction of comparison)
- you look like you're ill = (appearance)
- he like lives in London = (nothing)
- She was like, "is that you?" = (she said)
- He went like --[and you pull a face or a posture or a movement]-- = (we use this to demonstrate what somebody did, we can use it with the verb "go" or "to be")

THEY GO= (coll.) They say.

UPSET= Emotionally disturbed in a negative way (angry, worried, disappointed). Usually means "angry".

NO WAY, JOSE= /nəʊ weɪ, həʊz/ An emphatic and comical form of "no way", which means, "absolutely not", "of course not". This expression appeared in the 60's but it's getting more popular now. The word "José" is a Spanish name, so it's pronounced as in Spanish, with an h-sound for the J-letter.

'EM= (coll.) Them.

WEIRD= /wɪəd/ Strange.

GOING ON= Happening.

LEAPS= Jumps.

RANDOM= Crazy, outrageous, very unusual.

PUPPIES= Baby dogs.

FAKE= Not real.

LIKE= The dog has like a doll head on it = the dog has something similar to a doll head on it (or we can simply consider this LIKE one of the void "Like"'s that mean nothing).

CHIPS (AmE) = Crisps (BrE).

BREAK UP= When two lovers break up, they stop going out together and end their relationship.

HEART-BROKEN= Extremely sad, with a broken heart.

WHAT'S THE POINT THERE?= That doesn't make any sense, it's illogical, I can't understand it.

I DON'T GET IT= (coll.) I can't understand it.

FREAK OUT= Scare you or make you feel very uncomfortable because it's too strange or unusual.

CREEPS ME OUT= The same as "freak me out" (see above). The word "creep" means "to scare, to frighten, to make you afraid", so if something creeps you out, you want to get away from it because you find it creepy, scary.

BERRIES= Little fruit that grows in bushes (see picture).

LAD= (old fashioned or dialectal, esp. BrE) Boy.

THIS SPOKE RIGHT TO MY HEART= It's very emotional, I was moved, I was touched, It got a deep emotional reaction from me (obviously she's being sarcastic, I guess).

MINYAN= (coll.) A very small person.

MUNCHKINLAND= A fictional place (one of the first parts making up the Land of Oz, from the story "The Wizard of Oz")

SHOWED UP= Arrived, appeared.

THE 1400's= The 15th century.  Notice that he says "fourteen hundreds" (which is a perfectly correct form to talk about a century).

CANDY (AmE) = Sweets (BrE).

NAH= (coll.) No.

SCARY= Something that scares you, that makes you be afraid.

LEPRECHAUN= /leprəkɔ:n/ A kind of naughty elf.

GO ON= Continue.

HE WON'T STOP= He's never going to stop, he doesn't want to stop.
The verb WILL (and its past tense WOULD) often mean the same as "want", so WON'T means "refuse".

FLIP= When you turn something over vertically, like what this girl did with her body.

I KIND OF, LIKE KIND OF= More or less.
The complete sentence would be "I kind of liked it", with the phrase "kind of" meaning "more or less". But he doesn't finish the sentence, he simply says "I kind of". Then he uses "like", but it is not the verb "to like", but that void "like" which means nothing and it's often used in conversation (we talked about it before"), so the real meaning of all that is: "I more or less liked it, uhm... more or less".

FANGS= Pointed teeth like Dracula's.

EVIL-LOOKING= With an evil appearance. EVIL is morally bad, very bad.

CREEPY= Scary.

LIP SYNCING= /lɪp sɪŋkɪŋ/ When the music (and the voice) is playing and you only move your lips and pretend you are singing. The term "lip sync" is short for "lip synchronization", which is the art of synchronizing a voice with the lips movements to make a person look as if they were actually speaking or singing those words. This technique is also used in animation, for example.

HE WAS LIKE --= He had this expression (or he was moving this way or saying this).

YOU CAN TELL= I know it.

BARELY= Almost not.
You could barely see his mouth moving = You almost couldn't see his mouth moving.

REDEEMING QUALITIES= Good qualities that compensate for the bad ones.

BURNT INTO MY BRAIN= If something is burnt into your brain you can never forget it. Some stupid songs get burnt into your brain and you can hear it inside your head all the time, even if you hate it (like my i-pod stuck on replay, ha ha).

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