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Manly Men who are Manly (James@War)
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A fun video on manly men and feminine women... or maybe not so manly men after all, who knows, nothing here is too series.

What things make you cry? Leave a comment.

Happy September 22!

Men are expected to be manly, and women are expected to be feminine. At least that’s the way it used to be and, hey, maybe it still is. I mean, if you’re a guy and you start crying in public, do you feel just a little awkward?  And what about a girl? If your favourite football team just scored and you’re doing a victory dance, do you feel like people are judging you?

- Oooooh!
- What?
- Make me a sandwich.

......... whatch out!.......

Oh noes!! My Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch tonight live.

So I have something to admit. I am not what you would call “a super manly man”, at least not by what I perceive to be modern day standards. I mean, you’re more likely to see me taking in a musical than taking in a football game. You’re more likely to see me working on my complexion than working on my car, and you’re more likely to see me shopping for clothes than shopping for tools.

- James?
- They're for little ++++

Maybe I’m being a bit stereotypical here but these things, combined with my life experience, have just taught me that I’m not your typical male and sometimes just make me feel a little bit awkward, especially when I’m around other guys.

- Oh... yeah! Game!

But I think nothing else makes me feel less like a man than when the weirdest things make me cry. For instance, here’s a list of movies I didn’t cry at ...................... And here’s a list of movies I did cry at ......................................... Yea, half of those were cartoons. I guess I relate better to animated characters than with real flesh and blood types.

- I love you, spidercat.

But that’s just who I am and, hey, you shouldn’t judge other people just because they’re different. I mean, hasn’t anything ever made you cry unexpectedly? When I asked this on my Facebook and Twitter, Victor Bautista said:

When I was 7 my grandma walked into the house and the alarm went off and scared me to the point of peeing in my pants.
- Grandma! Ahhh!

Christopher Knudsen said:
The beginning of the movie ‘Up’. Please, don’t put that in a video.

Don’t worry Chris, your secret is safe with me. And Jeri Lynn Cox said:
My character on Second Life got married and I cried through the whole wedding in real life.

*don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge!*
- Ok, I’m judging you!

Speaking of things that make me cry, my friends in Alaska made this awesome cover of a Leonard Cohen song, you might have heard it from Shrek.

- Shrek? Donkey?
No, that’ horrible.
- Shrek?  Donkey?
**Remember the flim. It's not in the flim to do that voice**

I just think it deserves all the attention in the world, and if you’d be so kind just to click on their video and go watch it, comment, favourite, share with your friends and enemies, and then come back here and tell me if it made you cry like me at a Pixar film.
I am ashamed.

So, what makes you cry? Leave your comments in the ....

- Here’s bread for your sandwich!

I MEAN= We often use this expression when we are going to explain our idea better.
- Thanks, I don’t like wine. I mean, wine is fine, but not at this time, and I certainly prefer beer.

AWKWARD= /ɔ:kwə*d/ Embarrassed, uncomfortable.

SCORED= If a person scores in a game, they get one (or more) points. The person (or team) with the highest score wins the game. In a football game, you score when you pass the ball through the goal line.

A VICTORY DANCE= A silly improvised dance some Americans do when they feel very happy because their team won (they also do it sometimes for other happy reasons).

JUDGING= To judge is to have an opinion about how good or bad (or ridiculous or interesting or whatever) a person’s action is. If you feel like people are judging you, you think they don't like what you are doing.

WHATCH OUT= Be careful.

OH NOES!!= (AmE, coll.) An emphatic or affected way of saying “Oh no!”

MY MARKY MARK AND THE FUNKY BUNCH= The name of an American hip hop band. His most popular hit was “Good Vibrations”, number one in 1991.

LIVE= /laɪv/ A live concert, programme, etc. is one that is happening in real time, just as people are watching, as opposed to a recorded show, which really happened before people actually watch it.

LIKELY= Probable.
You’re more likely to see me taking...= It is more probably that I take.

COMPLEXION= Facial skin. If you “work on your complexion”, you use creams and other things to make your face look fresh and beautiful and to reduce aging.

GUYS= (coll. esp. AmE) Boys, men.

GAME!= In some team sports, you shout this when your team wins the match.

NOTHING ELSE= No other thing.

WEIRDEST= Most weird, most strange.

CRY= Weep (shed tears through your eyes because you are feeling a strong emotion or pain).

FOR INSTANCE= For example.

CARTOONS= Animated movies.

RELATE= If you relate to something, you establish a connection between you and that, so you can feel some sort of identification with it. For example, if you are a little girl, you can easily relate to the princess of a fairy tale story, because you can easily establish a connection and identify yourself with her. But if you’re a man, it is very difficult to relate to the princess in the story.

“Flesh” is like “meat”, but we use “meat” when we think of it as food, and we say “flesh” when we think of it as part of a living person or animal. “Blood” /blʌd/ is the red liquid that runs inside our body.

SPIDERCAT= A strange mixture of spider and cat that appears in some videos of James@War (this guy here on the video).

UNEXPECTEDLY= If something happens unexpectedly, it comes to a surprise because nobody thought it would happen.

GRANDMA= (familiar) Grandmother.

WENT OFF= If an alarm or a bomb, etc. goes off, it makes a very loud sound.

SCARED= If something scares you, you become afraid or you get very startled and shocked.

TO THE POINT OF= If AA happens to the point of BB, it means that AA gets more and more intense until BB is true.
- He started to get really angry to the point of breaking things.
- I got bored to the point of wanting to leave the party.

PEEING= Urinating.
Important warning: In some languages the medical and nice word for “pee” is “pis”, but in English “piss” is a very rude word and should never be used in a normal situation.

PANTS (AmE) = Trousers (BrE)

CHARACTER= A fictional person from a story.

SECOND LIFE= An online virtual world where people can interact with other people through an avatar (an online alter ego), so you can live a completely different life in that virtual world and do most of the things you can do in this world.

THROUGH THE WHOLE WEDDING= All the time that the wedding lasted.
If you cry (weep) all through the whole wedding, you start crying at the beginning of the wedding and you stop crying at the end (or not yet).

AWESOME= /ɔ:səm/ Incredible, fantastic.

COVER= /kʌvə*/ A cover is a song which is not sung by its original singer. For example, if you sing a song by Madonna you are making a cover of it. Well, not if you just sing it, but if you also record it so other people can listen to it.

ASHAMED= Embarrassed.

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