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Dora the Explorer: The never filmed film (not for kids) (CollegeHumor)
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"The Search for the Infinity Orb" is a fake preview of what would be a great film based on the cartoon series: "Dora the Explorer", but whith a new "style". Certainly not for little children.

The non-existent film is under-titled: "This summer, adventure goes bilingual!". Dora's cartoons are designed to help American children get familiar with some basic Spanish, so she introduces lots of Spanish expressions in her speech, and so does this older and sexier Dora on this trailer here. The actress playing Dora is Ariel Winter, known for her part in the american tv series "Modern Family".


The Infinity Orb has been swiped!
Call the police!
No. I know someone who specializes in covert artifact recovery.
Oh, a thief?
She prefers the term... Explorer.
Hola mis amigos.
Cameras captured a man in a purple mask and gloves removing the orb.
Swiper. You old fox.
Do you know where to find him?
No. But I know someone who does.
I'm the map!  I'm the map!  I'm th---!
Cut the crap, Map!  Where'd Swiper take the orb?
Last time I heard he was in Guadalajara.
There's someone I need to see.
Hola Diego.
Dora. It's been a while.
I haven't seen you since I was this many.
Backpack!  Activate!
Hola Dora!  Soy Backpack.  What do you need?
A miracle would be a nice start!
Join me, Dora.  Together we'll be the greatest swipers the world has ever seen.
That means, let's go!
Swiper!  He's right behind you!
Right behind you!
Do you see Swiper?
Swiper, no swiping!
Oh, man!

SWIPED= (coll.) stolen.

COVERT= not openly practised; secret.

TERM= (formal) word.

HOLA MIS AMIGOS= (Spanish) Hello, my friends.
In the original cartoons "Dora the Explorer", Dora is a Spanish-speaking girl who tries to teach some basic Spanish expressions to children, so every now and then she uses some Spanish words in context and explains them. That's why we hear a lot of Spanish mixed into these conversations.

REMOVING= Taking away.

SWIPER= In Dora's cartoons, Swiper is the name of a thief fox. In colloquial English, a swiper is a thief.

CUT THE CRAP= (rude or vulgar) Stop saying stupid things.

GRACIAS= (Spanish) Thanks.

IT'S BEEN A WHILE= I haven't seen you for a long time.

I WAS THIS MANY (and makes a number 7 with his fingers)= I was 7 years old (I was this many years old)

SOY= (Spanish) I am.

BOOTS= In Dora's cartoons, Boots is the name of her companion monkey. He's called Boots because he's wearing big boots.

VAMONOS= (Spanish) Let's go.

RIGHT BEHIND YOU= Exactly behind you.

WHERE?= In Dora's cartoons, Dora keeps asking children where things are (although they are perfectly visible), so children can participate and "talk to her". But in this film context, the same situation looks ridiculous.

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